Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking a look back into the past, exploring the religions of old for material for pitches. In honor of the Thor sequel, they're pitching movies of TV shows based upon pre-Christian religions/cultures/mythology. As for the game, Eric take his turn as Game Master for another round of Triple Titles.

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Episode 63 includes:

-Blockbuster is officially dead. Did you know it still existed? Well, it did.

-"Blackfish" shows all you need is a BA and being able to swim to work at SeaWorld. Also, humans suck.

-"Hellbenders" is like Ghostbusters as done by Kevin Smith. If you like things dark, check it out.

-Ben laments why there cannot be magic in "Thor: The Dark World," conveniently ignoring the pressence of Kat Dennings.

-This Week's Pitch -- Pre-Christian Religion!

-Nate pitches a body swap film between a normal human being and the Greek party god, Dionysis. Also, comical goat transformation.

-Eric pitches a prequel to the book "What in God's Name?" about God consolidating the other older gods, and a fantasy tailored for Ben's tastes.

-Ben pitches an apocalypse-palooza, an artist that kills so his muse will inspire his works, a Dr. Frankenstein who wants to recreate Greek creatures like centaurs.

-This Week's Game -- Triple Titles!

-With Eric as Game Master, Nate and Ben are given three pairs of actors and have to connect the movie titles.
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