Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are pitching the most outlandish Rocky sequels possible for fun. Then they play another rendition of This Meets That for their game. Along the way they talk about Ben's confusion with his mother, Internet TV breaking through into Emmys, the awesomeness of "Sharknado," battling a Sharknado with a Sharkicane, Ben's disenchantment with the masses dumbing down the things he'd love, President Carl Weathers, the difference between ironic racist humor and simply racist humor, Hitler's lack of involvement in "InAPPropriate Comedy," the many statues of Rocky Balboa, a Human Centipede Christmas, and listening to the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" on your Roku and on your TV now (soundtrack to your lovemaking).

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Episode 54 includes:

-2013 Emmy nomination discussion: Do they matter? Do voters get in ruts? Did "Monk" deserve 876 Emmys?

-"Pacific Rim" unleashes your inner ten-year-old.

-Do all underdogs really deserve to win?

-Ben feels that "InAPPropriate Comedy" may very well be the worst comedy... of all time. It makes Ben think back fondly on "Movie 43."

-This Week's Pitch -- Crazy Rocky Sequel!

-Eric pitches a Rocky who tries to cheer up his son through spectacluar image sabotage.

-Nate pitches Rocky vs. Giant Monsters in the future and Rocky vs. the War on Terror.

-Ben pitches a "Rocky"/"Demolition Man" hybrid. Rocky teaches future cops how to punch people IN THE FACE.

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That!

-The guys randomly select two movies and try and combine them into a new property.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches," reunited, are going to go to a sad, sad place. They pitch the saddest movies they can think of then play a game of Disney-fy It to turn some unhappy ending frowms upside down. Along the way the guys talk about other subjects like the historical context of Steely Dan, hiding Ringo Starr in a dark place, why underdogs don't always deserve to win, "Spring Breakers" vs. "The Master" for hardest movie to watch, Paul Feig's connection to "Heavyweights," how staying through the end credits can bite you in the end, when the hero gets in his own way, Drew Carey's connection to the Zodiac killer, a new way of viewing the Trail of Tears, and Ben's hand replacement experiment.

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Episode 53 includes:

-Do you know what a limp biscuit is? You'll wish you didn't.

-Is the "Monsters University" alma mater theme the same as "Every Sperm is Sacred"?

-"Despicable Me 2" all depends on your love/hate relationship with the Minions.

-"The Lone Ranger" should have been retitled "Tonto in the West," and it might have been a better movie too.

-This Week's Pitch -- Saddest Movie!

-Nate pitches a man forced to live multiple lifetimes, watching his beloved grow old and die, until he meets his one soulmate.

-Eric pitches a mom with cancer, a son with autism, and servicemen losing their family.

-Ben pitches a sad squirrel tale, looking back on a life of dog ownership, saying goodbye to a loved one pinned to death, and the unrequited romance of gay marriage before DOMA was rescinded.

-Bonus Discussion: Films that made/make us cry. Yep, that one's on there. And that.

-This Week's Game -- Disney-fy It!

-The guys apply happy endings to "Bambi," "Marley and Me," and "Terms of Endearment."

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Minus Eric, the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" welcome George and pitch movie prequels. They then play another round of their game This Meets That. Along the way they talk about George's transformation into an angry old man, Gene Hackman's last film -- "Welcome to Mooseport," Pink Floyd/"Wizard of Oz"-stye pairings to other movies ("Eyes Wide Shut" and Weird Al?), George-rated film edits his family would make, how to cancel out cunnilingus-accrued throat cancer, every sequel having a prequel, Halloween Town's relation to the afterlife, suspension of disbelief with casting, the general ineptness of the vice presidents combined, and a breast obsessed killer.

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Episode 52 includes:

-"Taken 3" is happening... to a nursing home near you! Plus: George says Liam Neeson + punchin' things = his ticket bought.

-George says "Hangover III" is his favorite "Hangover" movie.

-"Room 237" takes you into the exhausting minds of obsessive conspiracy folk. Sometimes a binder is just a binder, people.

-"Monsters University": Why set a children's movie at a college? Why even have a prequel?

-This Week's Pitch -- Prequels!

-Nate pitches a "Social Network" prequel -- "Friendster," plus a prequel to "Memento" that might be a... sequel?

-George pitches a prequel with Snake Plissken and "Sky Lieutenant and the World of Today."

-Ben pitches prequels to "Predator," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and Stephen King's "It."

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That!

-Another round of movie combination pitches, including Obama fighting all the former zombie presidents and a slasher killer very particular about cup size.
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are faster than speeding bullets, more powerful than... well, you know the drill. they catch up on movies seen, spending plenty of time talking about the new "Man of Steel" Superman film, then they pitch superhero team projects, then play a double game of Recast It and Re-Direct It for "Man of Steel."

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Episode 51 includes:

-Who else is going to turn a in memorium of James Gandolfini to talk about a cursed Eskimo movie?

-"After Earth" is just about the worst sci-fi has to offer. THEY SMELL FEAR! But can they see?

-Google. "The Internship" (Google) brought to you by Google. Google.

-"Man of Steel": A dark Superman? Dad wants to let kids to die? Millions of dead innocents? Thanks Christopher Nolan.

-This Week's Pitch -- Superhero Teams!

-Eric pitches the "Billion Dollar Franchise": Wolverine, Hulk, and Batman.

-Ben pitches several of his own superheroes including post-apocalyptic super teens and a group of undead heroes.

-Nate pitches a "Misfits"-style show with delinquents who remain delinquents with super powers.

-This Week's Game --Recast it! and Re-Direct It!

-The guys take a crack recast and re-direct "Man of Steel."

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