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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are making due for a grave omission in their podcast sub-series looking at the works of a single director. Arguably the most popular director of his generation, Steven Spielberg's films are discussed as a whole, his penchant for sentimentality, his bold imaginations, and the guys favorite and least favorite films. They discuss changes over his career, including E.T.'s walky talky controversy, resonating themes, and where Spielberg stands today. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking a look back into the past, exploring the religions of old for material for pitches. In honor of the Thor sequel, they're pitching movies of TV shows based upon pre-Christian religions/cultures/mythology. As for the game, Eric take his turn as Game Master for another round of Triple Titles.

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Episode 63 includes:

-Blockbuster is officially dead. Did you know it still existed? Well, it did.

-"Blackfish" shows all you need is a BA and being able to swim to work at SeaWorld. Also, humans suck.

-"Hellbenders" is like Ghostbusters as done by Kevin Smith. If you like things dark, check it out.

-Ben laments why there cannot be magic in "Thor: The Dark World," conveniently ignoring the pressence of Kat Dennings.

-This Week's Pitch -- Pre-Christian Religion!

-Nate pitches a body swap film between a normal human being and the Greek party god, Dionysis. Also, comical goat transformation.

-Eric pitches a prequel to the book "What in God's Name?" about God consolidating the other older gods, and a fantasy tailored for Ben's tastes.

-Ben pitches an apocalypse-palooza, an artist that kills so his muse will inspire his works, a Dr. Frankenstein who wants to recreate Greek creatures like centaurs.

-This Week's Game -- Triple Titles!

-With Eric as Game Master, Nate and Ben are given three pairs of actors and have to connect the movie titles.
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back from their break, and they're here to test out a new batch of games for their show. No pitch this week but they try out three new games and encourage the listeners to play along. 

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Episode 61 includes:

-Learn who the winner/loser is of the Madea Bowl and will see "Madea's Family Christmas" with Ben. Perhaps they'll be inspired, "Oogieloves"-style.

-"Prisoners" asks the eternal question, "Who doesn't want to punch Paul Dano in the face?"

-"Escape From Tomorrow" is David Lynch's Disney vacation video. But is it worth watching?

-The guys are all across the board on their reception to zero-gravity thriller "Gravity."

-Can the ghost of George Clooney be even more handsome?

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-This Week's Game(s) -- New Game Tryouts!

-Ben plays Game Master and the gang tries new games for the show: "That Meets This," "Triple Titles," and "Role Reversal." Challenge yourself and play along.

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