Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are watching one of the most notorious flops in the history of Disney animation, the 1985 fantasy not-so-epic "The Black Cauldron," and then also talking about 1994's "Trapped in Paradise," which they both oddly recall the trailer vividly, though the final film is only memorable for unintended reasons. The guys then try and combine both films into an original pitch to once again close out the show.

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Episode 318 includes:

-New "Spider-Man" trailer and more multi-verse chaos.

-Ben says "Vivo" is not as magical as it wants to be.

-Nate says he's now off the "Fast and Furious" bandwagon after the ninth installment.

-"Reminiscence" is too reminiscent of the past.

-Switch the Pitch -- "The Black Cauldron" / "Trapped in Paradise"

-The guys discuss the Disney fantasy flop from 1985 and the bizarre 1994 ensemble comedy with Nicolas Cage before then trying to combine both into a new fantasy-set project of bumbling thieves/champions.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are combining two legendary figures of action cinema and two movies that allow them to poke fun at their super stardom. The guys watch 2008's "JCVD" with Jean-Claude Van Damme and 1993's "Last Action Hero" and sing the praises on high for the ahead-of-its-time entertainment of "Hero" and then combine them int0 a brand new movie pitch.

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Episode 317 includes:

-Blumhouse gets paid $400 million for three new "Exorcist" sequels.

-Ben declares the new "Suicide Squad" a nihilistic example of fun without meaning.

-"Free Guy" is a fun and clever action movie with a good message about the power of kindness.

-Switch the Pitch -- "JCVD" / "Last Action Hero"

-The guys watch two big stars of action movies of old send up their movie star images. First Jean-Claude Van Damme in 2008's "JCVD," and then the unfairly maligned meta blockbuster with Arnold, "Last Action Hero." Ben then pitches a new movie by combining the key elements from both action movies.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and discussing plenty of Disney news, feuds, and movies, but the guys are watching the 2015 gangster movie with two Tom Hardys, "Legend," and then the 1989 comedy "Her Alibi" that has to be seen to be believed but really shouldn't be seen.

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Episode 316 includes:

-Disney vs. ScarJo and the squabble for money. Is it the start of a new reality?

-The end of the Chris Chibnal era for "Doctor Who" is nigh.

-Recent docs "Woodstock 99" and "Val" are both worth watching with some limitations.

-Disney's "Jungle Cruise" is not at the level of the "Pirates of the Caribbean."

-Switch the Pitch -- "Legend" / "Her Alibi"

-The guys talk about the double Tom Hardy's in 2015's "Legend" and why it separates itself from other gangster thrillers, and then they try and make sense of the very bad 1989 comedy "Her Alibi" before creating a new story based upon combining the two movies.

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