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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are closing out their run on movies and their remakes with a zombie apocalypse thanks to Netflix's big new movie, "Army of the Dead," directed by Zack Snyder. The guys watch Snyder's first movie, 2004's "Dawn of the Dead" as well as the 1978 George Romero version that cemented the world of zombies as well as zombies-as-metaphors. Stay tuned for the next new edition of the podcast.

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Episode 306 includes:

-Trailer reactions for Marvel's "The Eternals," "Last Night in Soho," and "Gunpowder Milkshake."

-The story behind the author of "The Woman is the Window" is WAY WAY more interesting than watching the movie.

-Nate says "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is a waste of Angelina Jolie, its exciting premise, and even fire.

-"Army of the Dead" is Zack Snyder's return to zombie cinema and, depending upon who you listen to, a fun return to schlocky form or more evidence he sill cannot tell a story.

-Remakin' It -- "Dawn of the Dead"

-The 1978 zombie classic from George Romero might be a little more rough around the edges, but Snyder's 2004 remake has its own merits as well as an action thriller.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have fulfilled a long-delayed promise and finally, at long last, watched the 1962 and 2004 "Manchurian Candidate," and surprise, they enjoyed both quite a lot. The 1962 original is definitely ahead of its time in approach and technique, and the 2004 remake is relevant for our times as well as finds ways to make some improvements.

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Episode 305 includes:

-AT&T is selling Warner Media to Discovery.

-R.I.P. Charles Grodin. May you meet all the Beethovens in heaven.

-Trailer reactions to "Hotel Transylvania 4" and "Dear Evan Hanson."

-"Oxygen" is a contained thriller that could have done more by ironically doing less.

-"The Woman in the Window" has a twist that Ben guessed in its opening SECONDS.

-Remakin' It -- "The Manchurian Candidate"

-The political thriller about an unwitting American sleeper agent caught in a dangerous conspiracy and it's actually a very good movie from 1962 and a quite good thriller from 2004. They've done it, they've found a movie that succeeds as an original and as a remake!

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are gambling on one of the few remakes held in high regard with its well regarded source material. the guys are watching the 2008 Swedish vampire movie "Let the Right One In" as well as the 2010 American remake from director Matt Reeves and starring Chloe Grace-Moritz and Richard Jenkins, "Let Me In." Stay tuned for a long-delayed promise to finally get penciled in for the next episode's remakes.

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Episode 304 includes:

-Trailer responses to "A Quiet Place II," "The Forever Purge," and whatever you're calling "Venom 2"

-Seth Rogen and James Franco won't be starring in any projects together if Rogen has his way

-Ben has found an even worse animated movie on Netflix than the last bad animated movie from Netflix.

-"Tom Clancy's Without Remorse" is Tom Clancy even minus Tom Clancy.

-Remakin' It -- Let the Right One in" (2008)

-The guys talk adolescent vampires and disaffected teen friendships and the places you'll go with the Swedish vampire import "Let the Right One In" and the American remake from 2010, "Let Me In."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are heading for disaster with the Irwen Allen classic, the Academy Award-winning 1972 spectacle "The Poseidon Adventure," one of Ben's favorite movies, and then the big-budget 2006 Wolfgang Peterson remake, "Poseidon."

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Episode 303 includes:

-Trailer for Paul Verhoeven's first movie in five years, and there are lesbian nuns.

-Me Too hits the "Dr. Who" family.

-Ben reviews the first season of Amazon's animated super hero satire, "Invincible."

-Nate loves "The Mitchells vs. the Machines" and Ben enjoys it but with some mild reservations.

-Remakin' It -- "The Poseidon Adventure" / "Poseidon"

-The guys talk about the power of cheese versus action spectacle, which movie had the more authentic or resonant emotional moments, and whether both can be fun on different disaster terms.

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