Dirty Sons of Pitches (By the Decade)

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and examining the films of the first decade of the twenty-first century year by year. This time it's 2007, an otherwise stellar year of cinema, but the guys aregoing for lesser known examples, specifically the "Underdog" live-action movie unfortunately voiced by Jason Lee, and "Mr. Brooks" where Kevin Costner is a serial killer trying to live an ordinary life in the suburbs but having a hard time giving up his old addictions. 

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Episode 379 includes:

-Some minor new trailers ("Five Nights at Freddy's" anyone?) and discussion about Garth Brooks quixotic attempt to remake himself an emo singer-songwriter.

-"Petr Pan & Wendy" is a noble failure in the realm of Disney live-action remakes. 

-Ben says "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3" is the least of the trilogy, and he's having a hard time defending the rampant animal cruelty as gratuitous emotional manipulation. 

-By the Decade -- 2007 -- "Underog" / "Mr. Brooks"

-The guys discuss what, if anything, is appealing about the "Underdog" children't movie and who exactly it was meant for, and then spend more time appreciating the many different conflicts in "Mr. Brooks" before coming up with storytelling changes that would have made an overstuffed but good genre movie more streamlined and even better. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have returned from wedding duties and are looking back at two films from the year 2006, James Gunn's directorial debut, the body horror comedy "Slither," and Ivan Reitman's very bad and very cringe-inducing "comedy" about dating and breaking up with a superhero, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

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Episode 378 includes:

-R.I.P. Jerry Springer and Ben's anticipation for "Dune: Part Two."

-Oh, yeah, there's also a writer's strike going on. What does it mean for Hollywood?

-Ben sings the praises of horror comedy "Renfield."

-By the Decade -- 2006 -- "Slither" / "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

-Both movies prove disappointing for very different reasons. Gunn's "Slither" feels like a mismashed collection of its influences without the heart to hold it together beyond pastiche, and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is a poorly aged movie about women being crazy and needy from the point of view of a bad boyriend and other mid-2000s sexual politics. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are going through the 2000s decade in film year-by-year and have worked up to 2005, selecting two movies to view and discuss, the sci-fi action thriller "Aeon Flux" that flopped and the little-known drama/dark comedy/conservative fantasy, "Edmund," starring William H. Macy as Travis Bickle but as a middle-aged middle manager. 

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Episode 377 includes:

-Three new "Star Wars" movies announced.

-New "Marvels" trailer to make Internet man-babies weep. 

-Nate has seen the glory of "John Wick 4" and the mediocrity of "65."

-Ben finds the "Super Mario Brothers" movie to be strictly for kids.

-By the Decade -- 2005 -- "Aeon Flux" / "Edmund"

-The guys break down their disaapoinment with the big screen live-action adaptation of one of the better adult cartoons from the 90s, "Aeon Flux," and then dive into the provocative and befuddling "Edmund" based upon David Mamet's one act play. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are working their way through the first decade of the twenty-first century and year-by-year examining two movies for reappraisal, and with 2004 it's the old school monster mess "Van Helsing" and the motorcycle action "comedy" with a Goth Jaime Pressly and a douchy Adam Scott (and others), "Torque."

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Episode 376 includes:

-Marvel's going through some rough times with management and everything relating to the very serious charges against Jonathan Majors.

-Trailer responses to "Barbie," "Across the Spider-Verse," and more.

-Ben has seen "Avatar 2" and is not happy about it.

-The guys split on the new "Dungeons & Dragons" movie.

-By the Decade -- 2004 -- "Van Helsing" / "Torque"

-The guys discuss two schlocky movies that have their appeal, first the big budget summer blockbuster that wasn't, "Van Helsing," and then the "Fast and Furious"-but-on-bikes knockoff, the trashy and ridiculous action thriller "Torque."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are working their way through the early 2000s in their newest segment, and this time it's the year 2003, where they elect to watch two disaster movies on very different budgets and creative approaches. "Nothing" is a small Canadian movie by Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) about two best friends waking up to find the world has been repalced by an endless white void. "The Core" is a schlocky Hollywood disaster where a bunch of famous faces journey to the center of the Earth to re-start the planet. 

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Episode 375 includes:

-R.I.P. Lance Reddick, a wonderful character actor with an amazing voice. 

-Nate catches up with "Cocaine Bear" and the killer Winnie the Pooh movie. 

-The "Shazam!" sequel is the least essential of all DCU movies. 

-By the Decade -- 2003 -- "Nothing" / "The Core"

-The guys discuss the intriguing indie "Nothing" and its creative choices, and then find different levels of enjoyment with the schlocky disaster throwback of "The Core."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are examining the 2000s decade year-by-year, and they've worked their way to 2002, and now they're discussing Robin Williams' dark comedy directed by Danny DeVito, the kids TV satire, "Death to Smoochy," and the inexplicable college sex comedy involving two rephrensible men cloning a lady and then training her to be their "perfect woman/sexual partner," the little known, and for a reason, "Repli-Kate" starring James Roday, Ali Landy, the "Doritos girl," and the requirement for every sex comedy in the 2000s, Eugene Levy. Oh, it's bad on many levels, especially as a condemnation of men. 

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Episode 374 includes:

-Oscar recap! Hooray for "Everything Everywhere" and hat it means going forward. 

-"The Little Mermaid" trailer debuts... during the literal Oscar telecast.

-Ben is bored by "65" and deliberates all the ways it could have been better.

-By the Decade -- 2002 -- "Death to Smoochy" / "Repli-Kate"

-Ben still feels "Death to Smoochy" hits a special place for him, while Nate finds it to be too clunky and obvious and redundant, but both guys dig into the many many ways that the National Lampoon "Repli-Kate" comedy defies consent and feminism and good thinking. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are finally back and catching up on movies and trying to recall all the details of their double-feature highlighting the cinema of 2001: the pop-punk fizzy satire "Josie and the Pussycats" and the Jet Li plus Jet Li action-thriller about the multiverse before it was all the rage, "The One." 

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Episode 373 includes:

-R.I.P. Richard Belzer, Raquel Welch, and not so Tom Sizemore. 

-The guys make their preidctions for the upcoming 

-The guys discuss whether "Knock at the Cabin" is good Shyamalan or bad Shyamalan.

-Ben declares "Ant Man 3" the best of the series and much better than its bad reviews.

-By the Decade -- 2001 -- "Josie and the Pussycats" / "The One"

-Both films overlooked at their time and both of them prove to have some merit. "Josie" is a goofy but good natured satire on consumerism with some bops, and "The One" is a sci-fi action movie with impressive choreography and the fun duo of Jason Statham and Delroy Lindo as bickering time cops. 

Next up: 2002!

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are introducing a new segment where they go year-by-year through a decade of film, highlighting two movies unseen or looking to rewatch, and the first decade is that of the twenty-first centry. Starting with the year 2000 (cue Conan voice), the guys watch cult comedy "The Specials" written by James Gunn (!) and directed by Craig Mazen (!) and while it doesn't fully work, it's worlds better than "Whipped," a detestable rom-com with such odious characters, atrocious comedy, and inept filmmaking. It is, simply, one of the worst movies this podcast has ever viewed. Enjoy. 

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Episode 372 includes:

-James Gunn's blueprint for the DC universe going forward. Discussion ahead. 

-Nate has seen "Babylon" and sings its praises. 

-Ben has seen "Shotgun Wedding" and "Alice, Darling."

-By the Decade -- 2000 -- "The Specials" / "Whipped"

-The guys talk about the history and cast of cult superhero dark comedy "The Specials" and then try and make sense of just how truly awful "Whipped" is as a comedy and an artifact of human beings. 

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