Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are talking about good plans gone wrong as they pitch Murphy's Law pitches, namely a scheme or event that spirals out of control. The guys talk about recent strange movie projects in development, a scad of movies they watched, then play another game of Movies Against Humanity but they need YOU to judge the winner by emailing Ben and telling the guys who won the game.

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Episode 81 includes:

-Get ready for a Peeps movie... to remind you that you hate Peeps.

-Ben and Nate froth wildily over the action awesomeness of "The Raid 2."

-"Oculus" is right up Ben's horror alley, especially with extra Amy Pond.

-Hey, did you expect "A Haunted House 2" to have a rape sequence? Hilarious!

-"Transcendence" is a movie for people that don't know technology. 

-This Week's Pitch -- Murphy's Law!

-Nate pitches a blackmail that spirals out of control, all involving a male pron star's most cherished member.

-Ben pitches a haunted house heist movie and a Rube Goldberg world. Think of the art direction!

-This Week's Game -- Movies Against Humanity!

-The guys draw a hand of movie titles and have to play one for a category. HOWEVER, they must defend and argue their choices BUT this time they need you to judge the winner.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" haven't provided a full commentary track in almost a year, so to celebrate Easter, they reopened a forgotten not-classic, 1994's "Dinosaur Island," a movie that could have more accurately been titled, "Big Booby Lady Island and Some Dinosaur Puppets."Ben and Nate bounce around a great array of topics as the film is so boring, which means you too need something else to entertain you, and that is this commentary. As always, look up the movie on Netflix streaming and then synch up when cued. Or you could listen freely to the conversation on early breast implants in history,  the changing standards of beauty, the USA TV network's 90s lineup of original programming, soft-core vs. nudie cuties, and the practicality of breeding.

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In the absence of Eric, the remaining "Dirty Sons of Pitches" get all paranormal, pitching ghost stories while also playing their game Sequel-Ize it to imagine a Ghostbusters 3, a sequel reportedly ramping up into production. Along the way they also discuss "God's Not Dead" at length, Ben's misconceptions of what an NFL draft is, John Henson leaving Talk Soup, substitute teachers who appeared on physical game shows, the inexorable appeal of Mike O'Malley, the shocking news that science is now able to grow lady parts in a lab, the foibles of the found footage genre, Ben accurately guessing the ending to "Nymphomaniac," the appeal of contractions to the youth, crummy DeNiro horror movies, whether ghosts can reform, and the lack of a sign-off after 80 episodes.

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Episode 80 includes:

-David Letterman will gave way to Stephen Colbert in 2015, but does anyone still watch?

-Ben thinks "Best Night Ever" fails to live up to every point in its title. Friedberg and Seltzer!!!

-"Draft Day" will be the highlight of the Cleveland Browns season.

-Nate watched 4 hours of "Nymphomaniac" and had the whole thing ruined by the last 90 seconds.

-Is "God's Not Dead" the most mean-spirited Christian wide release movie ever?

-This Week's Pitch -- Ghost/Haunting Story!

-Ben pitches a "Ghost Hunters"-like group that fakes its own findings, a clone haunted by the ghost of his original DNA, and a rom-com involving two possible suitors, one of them a ghost.

-Nate pitches an evil gym teacher keeping control of his students with haunted gym socks, as well as the story of a haunted toilet.

-This Week's Game -- Sequel-Ize It!

-The guys hash out a topical and satisfying sequel for the "Ghostbusters" franchise.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" put together a lengthy conversation hashing out the best and worst TV finales in response to the hwoling dislike stemming from the "How I Met Your Mother" finale. Afterwards, they pitch movies around nationalistic super heroes in honor of the new Captain America film, and then they wrap things up playing a game of This Meets That.

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Episode 79 includes:

-The guys take a crack at the hated "How I Met Your Mother" fianle, opening the door to a larger discussion on classic TV finales that worked, that whiffed, and that deserve defending. 

-Eric and Nate both sing the praises of Aronofsky's "Noah."

-Ben has found a movie that might just be... the greatest film of all time... "Dead Heat." It's got zombies, zombie cops, Joe Piscopo, and 80s awesomeness.

-"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has it all, including more Gary Shandling.

-This Week's Pitch -- Nationalistic Hero!

-Nate pitches Zeus in Greece and Pharoah Force Five in Egypt. 

-Eric pitches Captain Jack, an Aussie superhero whose getaway is a kangaroo pouch.

-Ben pitches an Israeli superman torn by his duties, a team of Canadian heroes lead by The Mountie and The Beaver, and a communist hero out of time.

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That!

-The guys play a game combining two random movie titles into a new property.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are reunited for the first time in a month, and they welcome their pal Alan along for the fun. In honor of a new Muppets movie, the gents are pitching puppet-related films and shows. they talk about the new trailers for "Hercules" and Michael Bay's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" reboot, but mostly they talk about weird tangents and inappropriate conversation topics. The gang plays another round of the newest game, Movies Against Humanity, and it leads to similar hilarious results.

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Episode 78 includes:

-Learn about Zest's earlier, ill-conceived ad campaign. You'll never feel Zestfully clean again.

-Could the relationship between Goofy/Pluto relate to Oscar-winning "12 Years a Slave"?

-Alan praises Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel" and its fast-paced Andersonian whimsy.

-Ben is surprised by how interesting he finds the world of "Divergent."

-Eric (indoctrinated in the ways of "Legally Blonde 2") catches up with "Mr. Peabody," "John Carter," "Dallas Buyers Club," and "Muppets Most Wanted."

-This Week's Pitch -- Puppets!

-Alan pitches a mockumentry on the skeleton puppet from the Grateful Dead "Touch of Gray" video.

-Ben pitches a puppet serial killer, puppets within puppets within puppets, and a film described as "The Face of Love" meets "Lars and the Real Girl."

-Nate pitches a rom-com involving a famous puppet living in our world, and unknowingly rips off "Magic."

-Eric pitches a big-screen version of "Jim Henson's Storytellers" and a film noir with marionettes.

-This Week's Game -- Movies Against Humanity

-The guys draw a hand of movie titles and have to play one for a category. HOWEVER, they must defend and argue their choices to a judge. Enjoy the nonsense.

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