Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are bidding goodbye to this summer season at the movies. The pitches this week are how to fix a slew of summer movies and then that leads into an extended discussion over the summer as a whole at the cinema.

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Episode 60 includes:

-A preview of new Fall TV shows to look forward to. Ben loses his head for "Sleepy Hollow."

-Nate watches his first Tyler Perry movie, with expected results.

-"The Family" and "Thanks for Sharing" both suffer tonal identity crises.

-Riddick is so cool he can reform lesbians with the power of his coolness. Expect him on the "700 Club" payroll soon.

-This Week's Pitch -- Fix a Summer Movie!

-Eric fixes "Man of Steel" and "After Earth."

-Ben fixes "Elysium," "You're Next," and "Riddick."

-Nate fixes "After Earth" and "The Hangover Part III."

-Bonus Discussion -- Summer 2013: Best, Worst, Disappointments

-The gang discuss in-depth the summer as a whole, their favorites, and why there were so many disappointments this year.

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Get your tap shoes ready because the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking a long look at movie musicals. They pitch musicals and then play a special edition of This Meets That combining musicals.

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Episode 59 includes:

-"50 Shades of Grey" casting news! Now you have faces for all that dry-humping.

-Nate had a great alchy double-feature with "The World's End" and "The Spectacular Now."

-"Twixt": evidence you should probably not make a movie based upon a dream unless your name is David Lynch.

-The 48 hour film fest short "Cordless" actually won awards! Go watch it again!

-This Week's Pitch -- Musical!

-Nate pitches a behind-the-scenes look at the terrible Broadway musical of "Carrie," and a world where people have one song-and-dance number they can leap into by choice.

-Eric pitches a KISS jukebox musical where they save Christmas AND Detroit, and a jukebox musical for the Bare Naked Ladies.

-Ben pitches a They Might Be Giants concept fantasy, a "John is Dead" conspiracy thriller, and time travel via listening to music.

-The guys discuss their favorite musicals and what makes a good movie musical.

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That: Musical Edition!

-The guys make pitches based upon randomly drawn movies and one randomly drawn musical.

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The Internet exploded over Miley Cyrus and Ben Affleck, and so the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are on the case. The guys are pitching invasion properties in light of "You're Next" and "The World's End," and they've saved the Batfleck talk for the end, envisioning a DC cinematic universe in a game of Pre-Cast It. Along the way they talk about topics such as "Full House" as a home invasion thriller, the power of Urkel, what the VMAs are supposed to be awarding anyway, Ben's sock metric for enjoying music videos, your priorities when given a time machine (hint: kill Hitler first), "Ghost Shark" vs. "Sharknado," lovemaking inside a shark's belly, quesitons about sperm bank donation requirements, sock babies, the healing strength of Nicole Kidman's urine in "The Paperboy," alien fornication to save the species, the credibility problems of a Wonder Woman movie, why Aquaman could murder everyone, and why the public only cares about Batman and Superman.

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Episode 58 includes:

-Miley Cyrus twerked and the world went mad. Also: the guys' short film makes the BEST OF screening for the 48 hour film fest.

-Is a powerful third act in "Fruitvale Station" enough to justify the first two acts?

-"You're Next" will make you re-evaluate the full uses of common kitchen appliances.

-"The World's End" may be the best movie of the Cornetto Trilogy. Ben and Eric go into geek gasms.

This Week's Pitch -- Invasion Film/Series!

-Ben pitches aliens taking over a tenement building and an adult "Home Alone" as a spooky Norman Bates-type nutball. Don't go in there, Joe Pesci!

-Eric pitches a reamke of "Two Minute Drill" and samurai and ninjas vs. aliens.

-Nate pitches an outpost on the edge of Rome's crumbling empire having to fight together to thwart invaders.

-This Week's Game -- Pre-Cast It!

-Taking off from Ben Affleck as Batman, the guys cast the rest of the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter) before speculating about a future DC movie universe. They are not optimistic.

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