Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking a page from the upcoming "GhostbusterS" reboot and looking to swap genders for classic properties or stories. In light of a game this week, the guys are going to be watching the Top Ten best/worst episodes of the TV show "Criminal Minds." Ben has put together his list and the guys are indulding their dark sides, which you two can follow week-by-week.

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-Episode 119 includes:

-Could "Mad Max"'s George Miller direct the Superman film we've been waiting for?

-Ben wildly raves about his new favorite 2015 movie, "Cop Car."

-Discover the horror cabbage patch musical "Patch Town" on Netflix.

-Ben says "Unfriended" is a horror gimmick that gets better as it goes.

-This Week's Pitch -- Gender Swap!

-Ben pitches a female team-up of classic monsters, an all-female Ocean's Eleven heist, a female-lead "Back to the Future" remake with 1950s gender politics, and a group of girls going undercover at a fraternity.

-Nate pitches a horror team up of Final Girls... that is more or less something Ben pitched weeks ago. It happens after 119 episodes.

-Bonus Discussion -- Best/Worst of "Criminal Minds" part 1

-Ben has fashioned a Top Ten of the most messed up/terrible episodes of the long-running crime procedural and he and Nate are watching two episodes at a time for discussion. This week is numbers 10 and 9.

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