Dirty Sons of Pitches

Between new episodes, we're opening up some of our favorite back catalogue episodes to give you a chance to relisten to what we consider some of the most entertaining episodes across the decade-plus of podcasting.

"The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are walking the walk and sitting down to watch and discuss the notorious 3.5 hour Western that destroyed recently deceased director Michael Chimino's (The Deer Hunter) career, ended United Artists, and shut the door on the autuer director era of the 1970s. Ben and Nate talk about several merits to be found with the movie amidst its excess and bloat. They'll save you two hours and you'll be better for it.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking at the four films from Alex Garland, notable genre screenwriter who began his directing career with 2015's Oscar-winning "Ex Machine," and followed it up with disorienting and challenging movies like "Anihilation" and "Men," both of which didn't quite work for the gents. They also use the occasion as an excuse to talk about Garland's latest directing effort, A24's "Civil War," supposedly following journalists treading through the terror of the United States at war with itself. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches"

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Episode 405 includes:

-What's the opposite of an R.I.P. for O.J. Simpson?

-Trailer reaction for "Joker 2" and a possible new "Matrix" movie from a not-Wachowski?

-Nate has finally seen "Indy 5" and... it's even worse than he worried. 

-"Godzilla x Kong" is a silly monster smash 'em up that works on its own dumb fun terms. 

-By the Decade -- 1990s Bonus - "The Shadow" / "Matinee" / "Quiz Show"

-The guys close out the awesome decade of cinema that was the 1990s with a misguied big-screen revamp of 1930s radio serial action hero "The Shadow" with Alec Baldwin, then discuss the pleasures of Joe Dante's nostalgic and warm-hearted ode to the appeal of movies with "Matinee," and end on analyzing the commentarry and impact of the little-talked about Oscar-nominee for Best Picture for 1994, the behind-the-scenes movie on the early TV gameshow scandal, "Quiz Show." 

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This week, as a special episode of their "Saturnday Night Live"-themed podcast "Saturday Night Jive," brothers George and Ben discuss the small club of SNL alums who have received Oscar nominations, with Robert Downey Jr. the only winner. The guys discuss the different nominated performances, the movies, the years of nominated movies, and the ongoing history of "SNL" and its legacy. It's yet another opportunity to listen to Ben complain about the Oscars on another podcast!

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