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Down an Eric, 2/3 of the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" embark on another journey into the annuls of the cinema of strange with the Italian splatter horror film, "Taeter City." It's about cannibalism, and consumer culture, and a dystopia, and zombies, but really it's all about how many different ways human bodies can be sliced, diced, exploded, ripped apart, impaled, and overall generally mistreated. But before getting into the muck, they discuss a barrage of movies recently watched including "Divergent," "3 Days to Kill," and "Muppets Most Wanted." Also they discuss Pamela Anderson's would-be film career, the early cartoons of Spike TV, why the nipple seems to be the most offensive part of the human body, and a lot of "Quantum Leap" references.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are missing Eric again this week but to fill his shoes they've brought along frequent guest, George. The guys catch up on movies and then brave into an exciting new game of Ben's design, and by design we mean it's based off of other popular games but with a little twist. "Movies Against Humanity" requires players to draw cards with film titles and then play one per category, but they must argue their case as to why their movie, silly or genuine, should be declared the winner. It's a game they'll actually play again but enjoy the first go-round.

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Episode 77 includes:

-The only good thing about the "300" sequel is the greatness of Eva Green.

-Nate and George both catch up with "Nebraska" and enjoy the journey.

-George explains why he hated Best Picture-winner "12 Years a Slave." Hint: he's not racist.

-Ben blows our minds with the no-budget fantasy film, "Tater City." Wait, what?

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-This Week's (New) Game -- Movies Against Humanity!

-Inspired by another game, and maybe two, the guys try out a new film game that's pretty much like Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity, where they draw a hand of movie titles and have to play one for a category. HOWEVER, the guys must defend and argue their choices to a judge. Enjoy the nonsense.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are playing catch up, reviewing the 2014 Oscar ceremony, looking back at the career of the late Harold Ramis, and then in honor of the new film "Mr. Peabody & Sherman," the gang pitches adaptations of classic cartoons from before the 1980s. Then the guys play a round of their game Cast It and estimate who would make good choices for live-action versions of two famous cartoon families.

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Episode 76 includes:

-The guys recap the most boring Oscars in years and mourn Harold Ramis and his impact on the comedy world.

-"Non-Stop" is as much fun as you can have with Liam Neeson in midair without snakes.

-Ben says "Pompeii" is like "Titanic" meets "Gladiator" and actually worth seeing.

-The terrible fantasy film "Winter's Tale" breaks Ben's brain.

-Nate wishes "3 Days to Kill" was more satirical than being a bland reverse "Crank."

-This Week's Pitch -- Adapt a pre-1980s Cartoon!

-Nate pitches Droopy Dog as a therapist for toons and a "Producers"-style satire updating one of the most racist, offensive cartoons of the past ("Coal Black and the Sebbin Dwarves").

-Eric pitches a modern-day Johnny Quest adventure and an unhelpful Funky Phantom.

-Ben pitches a dramatic Magilla the Gorilla and resurrects Super President whose secret desguise is... the President of the United States. 

-This Week's Game -- Cast It!

-The guys cast the main families for live-action versions of "The Jetsons" and "The Simpsons."

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Without the pressence of Eric, the remaining "Dirty Sons of Pitches" soldier on and endure the 1994 animated German film "Felidae." It's a murder mystery detective tale told from the point of view of talking cats in a human world. and so, get ready for plenty of sex, picture of penetration, and way too grpahic and distrubing violent imagery, including lovingly animated sequences of cat guts. The guys are beside themselves trying to imagine how this movie was ever intended for children, and that's just the start of this puzzle. You'll never look at Germany the same way again. Or maybe you never did.

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