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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are continuing to examine the failed pilots of yore with the intention of laucnhign into further discussion and analysis of the sci-fi TV project, "The Void" (appearing soon in a seperate podcast). This episode focuses on two failed pilots from the late 80s/early 90s aimed at children, "Microcops" about small space aliens, and "The Danger Team," about a budding young detective who works together with magic claymation figures built from the goo of a crashing meteor. 

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Episode 410 includes:

-Trailer reactions to "Wolfs" and "Venom 3" but also an unexpected discussion on disliking John Landis. 

-What if copyright law just didn't exist? Coul that resolve our A.I. hellscape?

-Nate discusses recent movies "Dune 2," the Moviepass documentary, "Spaceman," and the Hunger Games prequel about sexy young fascist dictator, "The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes."

-"Furiosa" is here and witness Ben as he declares it better than "Fury Road."

-TV Pilot Graveyard VII (Microcops, the Danger Team)

-Two failed pilots intended for children are both lackluster in different ways, with "microcops" featuring tiny aliens helping a NERD save the day and get the girl but also proving they can change their size, thus ending the obstacle of them being so tiny, and "The Danger Team" about a trio of claymation animated safety figures that rescue their creator from an unexpected mistaken identity mob subplot. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once again exploring the fertile terrain of failed TV pilots to combine with the renewed TV project "The Void" that Ben heped craft in 2022 during the "Star Trek-ify" series of podcasts. This episode looks at two portentious dramatic pilots, 1995's "White Dwarf" starring Neal McDonough as a doctor on an alien planet divided into light and dark sides, and 2001's "Ice Planet" with a crew stranded on an alien planet on the other side of space. 

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Episode 408 includes:

-R.I.P. Dabney Coleman and Morgan Spurlock

-"The Fall Guy" is a fun celebration of summer blockbusters and the people who make them. 

-"If" is a frustrating family film that doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

-Jerry Seinfeld's "Unforsted" is a bizarre novelty that leaves the guys baffled.

-TV Pilot Graveyard VII (Ice Planet, White Dwarf)

-The guys discuss the many ways both of these sci-fi pilots disappointed them and bored them, starting with "Ice Planet" and concluding with the truly inept and strange "White Dwarf," which was brought to us ourtesy of the same creator of "Wild Palms," the incomprehensible "Twin Peaks"-style ripoff show from the early 90s. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have revealed their top films of 2023 and now it's time to go in the other direction, as the guys discuss the movies that frustrated them, made them angry, and plain confounded them. The guys discuss the worst movies they watched for the year as well as offer their selections for Overrated and Underrated movies. Plus stick around to the very end for Ben's long-awaited thoughts on the movie many are deeming the best film of 2023, Christopher Nolan's acclaimed three-hour opus, "Oppenheimer."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are finally revealing their individual lists for the Top Ten best films of 2023, a year that left them a little deflated despite the Barbenheimer of it all. The guys discuss the movies that just missed the final cut, some notable 2023 releases that weren't going to end up on their lists, and reveal in descending order what they believe are the best movies of this past year.

Stay tuned for the next episode where the guys reveal their Bottom Ten lists for the worst films of 20023.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are digging their trip back to the films of the 1990s, and this episode they move forward to the year 1991 and discuss two wildly different movies about city dwellers with fantasy elements, from HBO's noir-but-with-fantasy made-for-TV movie, "Cast a Deadly Spell," and then the Oscar-winning comebac for director Terry Gilliam, the quirky buddy film that's also about grief and guilt and maybe the Holy Grail, "The Fisher King."

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Episode 394 inclues:

-Ben Shapiro's company is making an anti-trans sports comedy called "Lady Ballers." Deep sigh. 

-Nate celebrates the new holiday crowd-pleaser "The Holdovers."

-Ben says "The Creator" is three different kind of intersting movies trapped in one film. 

-By the Decade -- 1991 -- "Cast a Deadly Spell" / "The Fisher King"

-The guys discuss what makes "Cast a Deadly Spell" work as well as underutilize more of its fantasy elements to serve its noir elelments, but most of the discussions is reserved for analyzing "The Fisher King" and how many of these intriguing film elelments were begging for a slightly different development. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are wrapping up the previous year before looking onward and starting their next podcast themed around selecting two movies per year of a decade. Until then, hear the gents' thoughts on the new Oscar nominations, Justin Roiland's career, the history of stuntpeople dying in movies, and whather or not horror breakout "Skinamarink" is brilliant or an empty exercise in trying to make absent connections. Enjoy!

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Episode 371 includes:

-Some news catch-ups: Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter, and Justin Roiland charged with spousal abuse and also being a creep.

-Oscar nomination round-up: the guys talk the top categories, who was snubbed, and Ben's continuous disdain for the Oscars every year.

-Nate runs through a list of foreign films like "Decision to Leave," "Corsage," and Best Picture nominee "All Quite on the Western Front."

-Is "M3GAN" as fun and satirical as it's been billed, or is it missing some key parts?

-The new horror indie "Skinamarink" might be the worst film of 2023 and Ben is happy to share his soul-scraping pain he felt while watching.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have each seen over a hundred films from 2022 and are finally able to talk the best and worst movies of the year, as well as those qualifying for overrated and underrated notice. In part two, the gents discuss the Bottom Ten worst movies of 2022 and those deserving dishonrable mention. In part one, the guys discuss their respective Top Ten lists of the best and have very few titles shared on either list.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have each seen over a hundred films from 2022 and are finally able to talk the best and worst movies of the year, as well as those qualifying for overrated and underrated notice. In part one, the guys discuss their respective Top Ten lists of the best and have very few titles shared on either list. In part two, the gents discuss the Bottom Ten worst movies of 2022 and those deserving dishonrable mention.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are catching up on movies from April and May to discuss after ending their brief hiatus and get back to pitching starting with the next podcast.

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Episode 356 includes:

-Trailer reactions: "Thor: Love and Thunder," "Mission: Impossible 7," and more.

-"Fantastic Beasts 3" is a slog about election coups that feels like it should be the end of this franchise.

-"2000 Mules" is just as bad as you would think from Dinesh D'Souza.

-Who's the firestarter? Twisted "Firestarter."

-the guys have divided responses to Marvel's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and different takes on whether its big villain breaking bad worked.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back with part two of their retrospective on the best and worst of 2021 movies, and now it's time for the unfortunate ones. The guys share their Bottom Ten lists for the worst movies of 2021.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have watched over 100 movies from the year 2021, with more to go, and share their compilations for their Ten Best Movies. Part two is arriving soon as the guys look at the worst of 2021.

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In part one of the latest from the "Dirty Sons of Pitches," the guys are covering movies they've watched this week including the first Marvel movie in two years, "Black Widow." They also assess the completion of the "Loki" TV show, with spoilers, and then have much to discuss with trying to make sense of the frustrating Christmas TV movie, "A Christmas Movie Christmas." Stay tuned for the next episode where the guys pitch a brand-new movie based upon combining "Coraline" and "A Christmas Movie Christmas."

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Episode 313 includes:

-Trailer responses to new Disney animated features, "Encanto" and "Turning Red."

-The latest MCU show is over and the guys sing the praises of "Loki" and what it means for the future.

-"Black Widow" is a Marvel movie where the dramatic interactions are even better than the action spectacle.

-The "UpTV original" movie, "A Christmas Movie Christmas" is a bland and starkly un-imaginative Christmas movie and Ben finds it all to be torture.

-"Coraline" might not be as good as you remember, with too much filler and mechanics, but it's still a fun.

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Due to the size, the recent recording by the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" is being split in half, with part one being the discussion of the week's news items and the movies seen, including big new studio releases like whether there is a moral fault for "In the Heights" and "The Conjuring 3," whether "Luca" is anything more than a literal fish out of water tale, and just how bad Paramount Plus' "Infinite" can get.

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Episode 308 includes:

-R.I.P. Ned Beatty, a man who is best known for squealing like a pig when requested.

-Ben think "In the Heights" is a tragedy because the character don't burn down the mechanisms of capitalism. Nate likes the songs.

-"The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It" is a gross example of deifying hucksters trying to free a real killer.

-"Luca" is pretty but nothing special from Pixar.

-"Infinite" is the first "Paramount Plus original" and there's a reason this generic, big-budget, vaguely supernatural sci-fi action thriller got shuttled off to a streamer. The guys discuss the faults at length and Ben pitches a much improved version in minutes.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are finalizing their double-feature breakdown of the "Alien" franchise, this time focusing on the more action-oriented entries, 1986's "Aliens" for the Classic film entry and 1997's "Alien: Resurrection" for the Cult film entry. You may be surprised which of the two Ben prefers.

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Episode 292 includes:

-Is Armie Hammer a cannibal?

-"Shadow in the Clouds" is entertaining despite the icky Max Landis of it all.

-Ben genuinely loves COVID-made "Locked Down," and Nate is simply stunned.

-Classic Film -- "Aliens" (1986)
-James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster is still a classic example of big filmmaking and iconic moments.

-Cult Film -- "Alien: Resurrection" (1997)

-The much-maligned final chapter with Ripley might be schlocky, but could it also be the best movie of the series?

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are starting 2021 by tackling the "Alien" franchise but splitting the four movies along tonal lines, so this week will be the more horror/thriller based films, with 1979's "Alien" as this week's Classic and 1992's "Alien 3" as this week's Cult. Stay tuned for the other half in the next podcast.

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Episode 291 includes:

-One week later, storming the Capitol to overthrow democracy at the behest of Donald Trump still seems like a bad idea.

-Ben lauds "The Prom" as exactly what he needed.

-Nate shares two foreign, depressing, but artistic and meaningful movies -- "Beanpole" and "Collective."

-Classic Film -- "Alien" (1979)

-The OG "Alien" movie that kicked things off with a chest-bursting flourish, but might it be a little dated, slow, and... quaint?

-Cult Film -- "Alien 3" (1992)

-David Fincher's first movie has quite a bad reputation, but is it the disaster it's been made out to be?

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Here's the second part of the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" examining the best and worst movies of 2020, and this podcast features the worst of the worst. See the previous podcast for the highlights, because it's all low-lights from here.

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Episode 290 includes:

-Ben and Nate run down their Top Ten Worst Films of 2020 and also cite some overrated titles.

-Can Dinesh D'Souza win a FIFTH Worst Film of the Year declaration? What are some of the most unfunny and painful movie experiences of the year? Find out.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have gotten together to talk the best and worst films of this past garbage fire of a year. This first edition will cover each sharing their top ten films of the year as well as some underrated selections, and the next part will cover the worst of the year and movies that were overrated.

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Episode 289 includes:

-Ben catches up on movies that didn't make his list, including "Da 5 Bloods" and "Promising Young Woman."

-Nate catches up on god movies, like "Unpregnant" and "Never Rarely Sometimes Always," and some not as good, like "Pieces of a Woman" and "Fatale."

Nate and Ben share their Top Ten Films of 2020 and share several common choices.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are performing yet another directorial double feature and this time the lucky artist is Robert Zemeckis. The guys are revisiting 1992's "Death Becomes Her" as their cult movie of the episode and his follow-up, 1994's "Forrest Gump," as the classic edition. Shocker: both are pretty great and Ben and Nate have the hot take of hot takes for "Gump."

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Episode 288 includes:

-Tom Cruise goes off on crew members about COVID safety and splits the guys down the middle.

-Pixar's "Soul" feels a little lacking in that department.

-"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" and "One Night in Miami" are two great ensembles worth your time.

-"Wonder Woman 84" doesn't quite soar.

-Cult Film -- "Death Becomes Her" (1992)

-The dark comedy pitting Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn against one another is a fun, underrated slapsticky dark comedy worth revisiting.

-Classic Film -- "Forrest Gump" (1994)

-Forget everything you thought you knew about the Best Picture Oscar-winner from 1994. "Forrest Gump" is one of the most subversive, cynical, and ironic movies of recent memory and everyone missed it!

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are checking out failed pilots of shows that never got a second chance, and this time it's a superhero edition with the failed CW pilot for "Aquaman" in 2006 and the failed NBC pilot for "Wonder Woman" in 2011. This was before the rise of Greg Berlanti, and both provide insight into how to adapt and not adapt comic legends for the small screen.

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Episode 286 includes:

-More fallout from Warner Bros decision to move their entire 2021 slate to streaming, and is Christopher Nolan a murderer?

-"Freaky" is fun but could have been even more fun.

-If you're looking for a period piece, slowburn lesbian romance, don't watch "Ammonite," and just watch last year's "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" instead.

-Nate says Fincher's "Mank" is a movie that is all homage.

-TV Pilot Graveyard V -- Superhero Edition!

-The 2006 "Aquaman" pilot from the team behind "Smallville" makes a very "Smallville"-esque show about a young man who can talk to fish. Plus Adiranne Palicki!

-The 2011 "Wonder Woman" pilot written by David E. Kelley and starring Adiranne Palicki gets Ben so mad he's seeing red, white, and blue.

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With more room to give thanks this month, take a listen to Ben's personal podcast still going strong, "This Meets That" where he watches movies and tries to pitch a new creative project based upon the both of them. This is a sub-series of his "Anthologist" podcast widely available online. Give it a listen and see what Ben thinks going back to Christopher Nolan's 2010 Oscar-winning action thriller after almost a decade and seeing a 2017 film from a first-person perspective about a future of implosions.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are bringing back a formula they haven't had since summer 2018, and they're looking at old failed TV pilots to analyze and wonder what could have been. This episode features two sci-fi pilots, both pushing two episodes in length, and each with sci-fi/fantasy genre bonafides attached, George r. R. Martin's 993 "Doorways" and Bryan Fuller's 2014 "High Moon." One feels like "Sliders" and the other feels like little else.

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Episode 283 includes:

-R.I.P. Alex Trebeck and Sean Connery.

-Johnny Depp removed from "Fantastic Beasts 3."

-Nate says if you're a fan of "The Craft" you should skip the reboot/sequel, "The Craft: Legacy."

-Nate and Ben finally watch "The New Mutants," the movie that's been delayed since 2017, and they wish they hadn't.

-TV Pilots -- "Doorways" (1993) and "High Moon" (2014)

-"Doorways" is like "Sliders" but written for the dumbest common denominator. 

-"High Moon" has goofy characters, a mystery on the moon, and geo-political machinations, plus a giant robot dinosaur and magic Indian mystic warriors.

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As a bonus to DSOP fans, enjoy one of the newest editions of Ben's solo podcast venture "The Anthologist" and the special series "This Meets That" where he watches two different movies and then tries to combine them into a hybrid pitch, and this episode involves 0% Rotten Tomatoes alum "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" and the quite problematic comedy "Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde." Make sure to subscribe to Ben's podcast to hear more weekly. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking at one of the bets comedies, a favorite of Ben's, for this week's classic film, 1966's "The Fortune Cookie," and one of the biggest bombs of all time, the infamous 1986 "Howard the Duck" adaptation.

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Episode 279 includes:

-Will the box-office disappointment over "Tenet" scare studios from releasing any big blockbusters into theaters for the forseeable future?

-"The Babysitter: Killer Queen" suffers from Sequel-itis.

-"Antebellum" and "Cuties" are both controversial movies that have more going on than their critics decry.

-Classic Film -- "The Fortune Cookie" (1966)

-Billy Wilder's farce starring an Oscar-winning Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon and it's still an enjoyably chummy comedy that fires on many cylinders.

-Cult Film -- "Howard the Duck" (1986)

-The notorious FIRST Marvel movie about an alien duck, a lot of duck puns, an unrestrained Tim Robbins, a punk band, a demon-posessed Jeffrey Jones, and the question over the terror of duck genitalia. It's very, very bad and not deserving of reappraisal.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking backwards to a time that was looking forward, dreaming of the future and all the fun adventures we'd have battling robots and possibly Nazis. The guys are looking at Disney's 1991 adventure movie "The Rocketeer" or this week's classic and the throwback to adventures of old for the cult movie, 2004's "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow."

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Episode 278 includes:

-The Academy is changing its rules for Best Picture nominees to force inclusivity into the movies.

-They've finally seen the live-action "Mulan" and it is most definitely not worth an additional $30 charge.

-"I'm Thinking of Ending Things" is an appropriate title for Charlie Kaufman's surreal Netflix film.

-Classic Movie -- "The Rocketeer" (1991 )

-Director Joe Johnston's adaptation of the comic, a classic tale of boy finds rocket pack and fights Nazis.

-Cult Movie -- "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (2004)

-An adventure looking back at Old Hollywood as its filmed with state-of-the-art special effects to make itself look... blurry and muddy and unrefined.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are exploring some of the more peculiar, unknowable, and perverse elements of humanity this week with their classic and cult movies. First comes 1974's controversial "The Night Porter" where a Holocaust survivor takes on a relationship with her former Nazi abuser, and then the cult movie is 1986's "From Beyond," a Stuart Gordon follow-up to "re-animator," this time based upon an H.P. Lovecraft short story.

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Episode 277 includes:

-R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman.

-"The One and Only Ivan" would have been better ditcing the talking animals and being a documentary.

-Nate is charmed but Ben is not by "Bill and Ted Face the Music"

-Classic Movie -- "The Night Porter" (1974)

-The controversial high-art Nazisploitation doomed romance is really far more boring and far less interesting than it has any right to be with this premise.

-Cult Movie -- "From Beyond" (1986)

-Lovecraft madness, body horror, sexual perversions, gross practical effects, it's all here, plus Barbara Compston in bondage gear.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are going deep into the reaches of space to touch the unknown, with a double feature based upon the books of noted scifi author Arthur C. Clarke. First is Stanley Kubrick's ground-breaking, much heralded "2001," and next for the cult film is the much lesser regarded follow-up, "2010," released in 1985 and reflective of the Cold War era. Ben and Nate watch both and debate whether or not "2010" might actually be the better movie after all.

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Episode 276 includes:

-DC everything! "The Batman" trailer! "The Suicide Squad" re-introduction! Snyder Cut! CGI cats made of David Thewlis' mustache?

-"Ava" and "The Sleepover" are generic genre titles that don't exactly deserve your 90 minutes.

-Classic Film -- "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968)

-Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi touchstone with all the very slow moving space majesty you'd want to put yourself to sleep.

-Cult Film -- "2010: The Year We Make Contact" (1984)

-The far more accessible and straightforward movie that goes to lengths to explain points that were merely ambiguous, or confusing, from the original.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are pairing two toe-tapping musicals together, one of great renown and the other a cult movie that began the careers of envelope-pushing satirists. This week's classic is, by request, 1952's "Singin' in the Rain," and the cult movie is the first film from the "South Park" creators, 1993's "Cannibal: The Musical."

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Episode 275 includes:

-Ben Shapiro is not a fan of Cardi B, W.A.P., and apparently pleasing his wife.

-Movie theaters are coming back, but should they? "Mulan" is going to cost $30 for Disney+ subscribers, but should it? Julianne Moore debates whether only gay actors should play gay roles, but should that be the case? So many questions.

-The delightfully droll "An American Pickle" gives you two Seth Rogen's for the price of one.

-"Project Power" is a good premise with the most generic and lazy of execution. Bleh.

-Classic Film -- "Singin' in the Rain" (1952)

-Gene Kelly's vibrant celebration of Old Hollywood with some of the most famous song-and-dance sequences in movie history.

-Cult Film -- "Cannibal: The Musical" (1993)

-The student film the creators of "South Park" made that first got them serious attention in the comedy world and was released by Troma and has not aged well.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are digging into another directorial double feature for this week's episode, looking at two movies of legendary animator Ralph Bakshi, best known for adult-oriented animated entries. The guys watch the 1977 "Wizards" as the classic for this week and the 1975 "Coonskin" as this week's cult movie, and it's also one of Nate's most awful experiences in the history of this revamped podcast.

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Episode 274 includes:

-R.I.P. Wilford Brimley, Regis Philbin, Olivia de Havilland and others.

-Is this the end of the Ellen DeGeneres talk show?

-Ben reviews a pair of promising indies, one of which involves Richard Kind having an affair with a pretend A.I. woman.

-"Greyhound" is the most "dad movie" of 2020.

-Classic Film -- "Wizards" (1977)

-Director Ralph Bakshi's combination of sci-fi and fantasy as an evil wizard marches to domination using Nazi propaganda as his unifying weapon.

-Cult Movie -- "Coonskin" (1975)

-Bakshi's "satire" over the racist cartoons of the past that maybe misses the point of its satire.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are between recording so give a listen to Ben's solo podcast, which features the regular "This Meets That" episodes wherein Ben takes two movie properties and uses them to inspire a new hybrid. This episode it's 1982's "Murder by Phone" about a killer murdering people via electrified phone wires meets 2002's "Thunderpants," a fantasy film about harnessing the energy power of farts starring Rupert Grint. So, you know, good times.

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Direct download: tmt_murder_by_phone.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are putting on their dancing shoes and taking just about everything off for the movies featured on this episode. For the classic, the guys discuss the 1972 Oscar-winning musical "Cabaret," and then for the cult movie, it's one of the most notorious names in modern cinema, 1995's "Showgirls," a film that tainted many careers forever after. 

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Episode 273 includes:

-Fox News hit with another sexual harassment lawsuit.

-Nate details the merits of a movie titled "Killer Raccoons 2." It was a slow week.

-Ben says "The Relic" is a decent horror film that would have been better without its horror twist.

-Classic Film -- "Cabaret" (1972)

-The Broadway hit translated to the big screen earned Oscars for director Bob Fosse, Liza Minelli, Joel Grey, but does it actually, maybe.... suck?

-Cult Film -- "Showgirls" (1995)

-The notorious NC-17 romp through the hell of being a showgirl in Las Vegas. Stick around for a surprisingly deep discussion on the nature and responsibility of depicting rape and sexual violence in media.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are putting together another directorial double feature, this time looking at the films of Brian DePalma. The guys check out 1987's gangster classic "The Untouchables," and then for their cult movie of the week, they watch DePalma's 1993 reunion with his "Scarface" star Al Pacino, this time in "Carlito's Way," a suggestion from a fan. After these two movies, Ben and Nate both come to the conclusion that they don't know if DePalma is even a good filmmaker.

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Episode 272 includes:

-Does Brian DePalma just suck as a filmmaker?

-R.I.P. Kelly Preston, Naya Rivera, and Grant Imahara.

-The action is actually the least interesting part of Netflix's action movie, "The Old Guard."

-"Palm Springs" is a time loop delight.

-Classic Film -- "The Untouchables" (1987)

-DePalma's pulpy showdown between G-men and gangsters in Prohibition era Chicago.

-Cult Film -- "Carlito's Way" (1993)

-Al Pacino plays a Puerto Rican (?) criminal trying to get out of "the life" but can't help but find trouble. Also, Sean Penn's slimy lawyer character is totally Alan Dershowitz.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are performing another directorial double feature for their look at classic and cult movies, this time with the recently deceased Joel Schumacher. They watch the classic 1978 musical "The Wiz" and also the newly cultish 1993 thriller, "Falling Down," which has grown in popularity with alt-right factions on the Internet. The guys analyze both and the racial lens each proffers and whether they deserve their acclaim.

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Episode 271 includes:

-Is it possible there is still even MORE to debate about "Justice League" and the elusive Snyder cut?

-Margot Robbie as a swashbuckling pirate? Sign me up.

-"Hamilton" comes to Disney+ and it's just as wonderful as you'd expect it to be.

-Classic Movie -- "The Wiz" (1978)

-One of Ben's favorite films is a magical musical that improves upon its source material with many toe-tapping tracks, but is it problematic coming from two white guys channeling their appraisal of black culture?

-Cult Movie -- "Falling Down" (1993)

-Michael Douglas as an antihero vigilante fighting back against an uncaring world, or is he simply the world's biggest 'Karen" whining about his entitlement?

Direct download: pitch_271.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once again tackling a classic and cult movie but this time from the same filmmaker. Spike Lee has been making movies since the mid 80s and one of his most prolific offerings is 1989's "Do the Right Thing," which serves as this week's classic, and 2000's "Bamboozled" serves as the cult movie, a film that was met with mixed reviews upon release but has grown in esteem to even bring on a Criterion DVD release. Look for more filmmaker double-feature editions in the future when it's suitable.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 270 includes:

-R.I.P. Carl Reiner, and have you ever stopped to think what a run Rob Reiner had as a director in the 80s?

-There's been a shakeup in the animation community and white actors are remorseful over voicing minority characters. Is this the same as live-action, though?

-Ben says "Eurovision" is the worst film of 2020.

-Nate has seen Netflix's 50 Shades knockoff, "365 Days," and it has no idea what consent or romance is.

-"Da 5 Bloods" is an example of great Spike Lee.

-Classic Movie -- "Do the Right Thing" (1989)

-Spike Lee's heralded drama documenting the many tempers and prejudices in a New York neighborhood one very hot and momentous day.

-Cult Movie -- "Bamboozled" (2000)

-Spike Lee's biting media satire where horrendous minstrel shows become popular TV in modern-day.

Direct download: pitch_270.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:32pm EDT

Ben's newest solo podcast "The Anthologist" has been running for months, but now Ben has hit a new stage where he's trying out a special edition, a full "This Meets That" podcast where he watches "One Eyed Monster" and "The Shining" and come up with an unholy horror union. The result is something Ben has excitedly been pitching for years, a porn parody of Stanley Kubrick's classic that needs to be heard to be believed.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Direct download: this_meets_that_jizzening.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:53pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have decided to look into the filmography of a favorite director of the 2010s, Bong Joon-ho, fresh off of his Oscar victories with "Parasite." The guys will be watching his second ever film, 2003's police thriller "Memories of Murder," for this week's classic movie. For the cult movie of this week, a friend suggested that Ben and Nate watch the horror musical 2008's "Repo: The Genetic Opera," and now Ben doesn't know if he should consider this person a friend any longer.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 269 includes:

-R.I.P. Ian Holm and Joel Schumacher.

-New names for the Gropers of the Week: Chris D'Elia, Jeffrey Ross, and the Baby Driver, Ansel Elgort.

-Ben heartily recommends "VFW" as good 80s heyday schlocky fun. 

-Classic Movie -- "Memories of Murder" (2003)

-BongJoon-ho's second film and big international breakthrough is a methodical police procedural about a real-life serial killer in 1980s South Korea.

-Cult Movie -- "Repo: The Genetic Opera" (2008)

-It's a weird musical with vivisection, Paris Hilton, and the director of Saw 2. How could Ben not love it?

Direct download: pitch_269.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and riding the rails of Hollywood for this week's double feature. The guys watch the 1985 Cannon classic "Runaway Train" and then follow that with 2016's popular zombie action movie from South Korea, "Train to Busan."

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 268 includes:

-J.K. Rowling just can't seem to stop saying hurtful comments about trans people and doubling down.

-Reappraisals of racist media depictions like "Gone with the Wind" are heating up the culture wars.

-Nate thinks "The King of Staten Island" is an enjoyable showcase to the strengths of star, Pete Davidson.

-The ignoble "Artemis Fowl" feels like nobody simply gave a shit. Also, Josh Gad is terrifying.

-Classic Movie -- "Runaway Train" (1985)

-Jon Voight and Eric Roberts are escaped convicts who pick the wrong train to make a break for it in a Cannon film that was nominated for three Oscars including two acting Oscars!

-Cult Movie -- "Train to Busan" (2016)

-A South Korean speeding train filled with zombies is an exceedingly exciting action-horror movie that exemplifies great storytelling. Even non-horror fans will love it.

Direct download: pitch_268.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are welcoming special guest George to the podcast to discuss the classic movie, and only classic movie, this week, 1939's inspirational "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Listen to what George loves about the film, how it still makes him cry to this day, and about Ben's wild theory about the real sin of Mr. Smith hiding in plain sight.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 267 includes:

-The guy's welcome George and discuss, among other things, about.... sigh... taint moles.

-Netflix's "The Last Days of American Crime" is 150 minutes better spent doing just about anything else.

-Ben actually has good things to say about Kevin James as a villainous neo-Nazi in the horror movie "Becky."

-Classic Movie -- "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939)

-The gents debate the Frank Capra civics lesson classic starring Jimmy Stewart as a regular guy who wants to shake up Washington. It's a George all-time favorite!

Direct download: pitch_267.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" had some minor technical difficulties midway through so this week's discussion of both "Psycho" films, the 1960 original by Alfred Hitchcock and the 1998 remake from Gus van Sant, had to be recorded separately and spliced together. Hear Ben and Nate's thoughts on the two "Psychos", the idea of remaking art so precisely, and whether Hitchcock still works in a modern day media setting.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 266 includes:

-The world erupts in protests over police brutality, but will it stick this time and really change things? What does it mean when the "bad apples" are all there is?

-Ben goes all in on "Butt Boy," a cop thriller about a man who hides people up the portal inside his butt.

-Nate says "The Vast of Night" feels like a narrative-based podcast, though this isn't a bad thing for the right viewer.

-Classic Movie -- "Psycho" (1960)

-The genre-smashing original from Alfred Hitchcock that made people look at their showers differently.

-Cult Movie -- "Psycho" (1998)

-Gus van Sant's near shot-for-shot remake was released in 1998 to people asking, "Why bother?" Does it hold up better over time or is it a strange folly?

Direct download: pitch_266.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:02pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are staying away from tall building ledges and looking out for psychedelic color swaths thanks to this week's classic movie, 1958's "Vertigo" by director Alfred Hitchcock. They both share a differing opinion on the appraisal of this classic. Then the cult movie for this week is the 1987 family film, "*batteries not included." One of these two movies charmed the pants off the boys, and the other is named "Vertigo."

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 265 includes:

-There, in fact, eventually, maybe, be a Snyder Cut after all.

-Ben raves about the indie horror movie "The Wretched."

-Nate says Glenn Danzig's "Verotkia" is one of the worst movies he has ever seen.

-Ben does not fall for "The Lovebirds."

-Classic Movie -- "Vertigo" (1958)

-Alfred Hitchcock's revered tale of one man, a fear of heights, and two mysterious women.

-Cult Movie -- "*batteries not included" (1987)

-What happens when a family of robots befriends an apartment building full of colorful New York characters? Pure whimsical delight.

Direct download: pitch_265.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once more practicing social distance and watching a pair of movies to talk about with their latest podcast model. This week's classic is Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons," where the studio sliced out 50 minutes and reshot a happy ending. The cult movie is a childhood favorite of Ben's, 1985's "Explorers." Will it become the latest in Ben's realization that the movies that made childhood impressions on him were not actually good?

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 264 includes:

-R.I.P. Fred Willard and Lynn Shelton.

-Ben doesn't understand why "Scoob" is trying to be a backdoor pilot for a Hannah Barbara superhero universe.

-Josh Trank's "Capone" is a movie that tears down the mystique of its gangster lead.

-Bonus discussion: whether Ridley Scott's own re-cutting of "Blade Runner" with footage from "Legend" is

-Classic Movie -- "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942)

-Orson Welles' famous "Kane" follow-up that was gutted by studio interference drives Ben crazy. Nate tries to see what Welles was setting up to be taken away.

-Cult Movie -- "Explorers" (1985)

-Joe Dante's very Speilbergian adventure with young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix building their own flying saucer. It's successful whimsy for once, plus, as with all 80s movies, there's peeping.

Direct download: pitch_264.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:39am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are keeping up their social distance trend with their revised podcast format and this week's classic is the 1976 conspiracy thriller "Marathan Man" starring Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier, and the cult movie is the 1985 fantasy film "Legend" from Ridley Scott and starring a young Tom Cruise.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 263 includes:

-Could Amazon become a theater chain and save AMC? Would Disney flex their muscle and follow?

-R.I.P. Jerry Stiller and Little Richard.

-Ben heartily recommends Netflix's macabre animated film, "The Willoughbys."

-Nate finds "My Spy" to be acceptable and "Wendy" to be a Neverland of muddy themes and messages.

-Classic Film -- "Marathon Man" (1976)

-Dustin Hoffman gets ensnared in a deadly Nazi conspiracy and somehow this movie finds a way to be boring even with old Nazi Laurence Olivier with a forearm sword.

-Cult Film -- "Legend" (1985)

-Ridley Scott's fantasy film is neither escapist or accessible and a misuse of Tom Cruise. How many good movies has Scott actually made when you think about it?

Direct download: pitch_263.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back at a respectable distance and discussing more films of the classic and cult variety, and this week they're discussing the somewhat overshadowed Cold War thriller "Fail Safe" and the 1992 "Doctor Mordid" as a strange artifact of what could have been an early 90s Marvel movie.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 262 includes:

-Ben introduces the world to "Lil' Humpers" and a TV show about a woman who makes knick-knacks out of animal poop.

-AMC declares war on Universal movies while there still is an AMC.

-Nate has seen the Columbus indie equal of Neil Breen. See it for yourself, "Constraint" is on Amazon Prime.

-Classic Movie -- "Fail Safe" (1964)

-The Cold War paranoia thriller from director Sidney Lumet is like a straight version of "Dr. Strangelove" and still very relevant and very well made.

-Cult Movie -- "Doctor Mordrid" (1992)

-Full Moon Pictures once was going to make a doctor Strange movie. This 90s mess is the aftermath.

Direct download: pitch_262.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:47pm EDT

Oh folks, are you in for a quarantine treat. We've at long last uncovered the notorious "Welcome to Marwen" episode that essentially killed Ben's other podcast, "Head Cannon." Ben watches "Marwen" (TWICE!) and builds out a ten-point cinematic universe that includes prequels, sequels, spinoffs, remakes, porn parodies, you name it. For any "Dirty Sons of Pitches" fan, you'll finally be able to listen to what has been talked about for over a year between Ben and Nate, and "Head Cannon" is still available on podcast platforms. Enjoy Ben's suffering and bewilderment at this very misguided movie.

Available on Spotify and ITunes

Direct download: marwen.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:31pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are keeping up their social distance with another adapted podcast where they watch a classic movie and a cult movie for their ribald discussion. This week the classic is Billy Wilder's "Sunset Blvd." and the cult movie is the alien-leech-exploding-head 1986 film, "Night of the Creeps." Can both find a way to be slightly boring? We'll find out!

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Episode 261 includes:

-Is fake boob prostetics in movies and TV getting better? WHAT AN AGE WE LIVE IN.

-Ben recommends "Come to Daddy" and not "Groupers."

-Nate thinks "Extraction" is a mix of cool movie violence and real-world serious violence that doesn't quite work.

-Classic Movie -- "Sunset Blvd." (1950)

-The guys discuss Billy Wilder's classic about a faded Hollywood star trying to make her big comeback.

-Cult Movie -- "Night of the Creeps" (1986)

-It's got alien slugs, head explosions, gratuitous nudity, so why does this movie seem so dull?

Direct download: pitch_261.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:38pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back with their social distanced revamped podcast where they talk new movies they've seen, including a classic and cult movie that they have not have ever watched before. This week the guys discuss the 1970 hit "Joe" with Peter Boyle as a violent conservative crank, and the cult movie of renown is 1975's "Bug," the last William Castle-produced movie about killer intelligent fire-starting bugs.

Available on iTunes and Spotfy

Episode 260 includes:

-R.I.P. Brian Dennehy, the dad from "Tommy Boy."

-Corona discussion over what the "new normal" might look like in the months to come until a vaccine.

-Nate reviews "The Rhythm Section," "The Platform," and Blumhouse's "Fantasy Island."

-Ben raves about "Freaks" (not the 1930s movie).

-Classic Movie -- "Joe" (1970)

-The guys watch the Oscar-nominated tale of a conservative bigot that urges for the murder of hippies and other social groups he dislikes. Totally not relevant for today's conservative audiences.

-Cult Movie -- "Bug" (1975)

-The guys talk about a William Castle film where bugs have evolved to start fires and attack humans.

Direct download: pitch_260.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:55am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are keeping their social distancing but joining forces through Skype to record together. It's the first time they've recorded together since watching "A Serbian Film" and much has changed. They review recent movies and then discuss a film classic ("Barry Lyndon") they had not previously watched as well as a cult film of renown ("Society"). 

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 259 includes:

-The guys respond to a new COVID-19 world and its impact on culture and politics.

-Ben reviews "The Hunt," "Swallow," and "The Room."

-Nate reviews "The Boy II," "Bloodshot," and "I Still Believe."

-Classic Movie -- "Barry Lyndon" (1975)

-The guys discuss Stanley Kubrick's three-hour costume drama and its artistry, length, purpose, tone, and lasting effect.

-Cult Movie -- "Society" (1989)

-Ever wondered what the elite do in the privacy of their rich houses? If you guessed "dissolve into a slimy flesh orgy of body horror" then congrats.

Direct download: pitch_259.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:27pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have had to retool under their social distancing, and with the lack of new releases for the present time being, the guys are taking the extra free time to catch up on older movies they haven't seen, both classics and cult curiosities. The guys watch much hyped WWII romance "Casablanca" and then the world's most famous mime killing people and reanimating their bodies in the horror film from 1974, "Shanks." Are they classics or are they... hot garbage?

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 258 includes:

-Nate introduces the new show format and offers his takes on recent 2020 film watches for "Guns Akimbo" and "The Hunt."

-Classic Movie: "Casablanca" (1942)

-The guys discuss, in separate parts, their assessment of a movie widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, even if it doesn't have vampires in it.

-Cult Movie: "Shanks" (1974)

-Can Marcel Marceau succeed in the realm of cinema as a killer puppeteer? Find out in this William Castle-directed movie that Ben will certainly enjoy more.

Direct download: pitch_258.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:21pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are jazzed for the new Blumhouse horror reboot of "The Invisible Man" that they're pitching reboots for the Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman too. They also continue their self-punishing tournament determining the worst film of the 2010s decade, narrowing down to a final Four of Awful. Then they close out with a rushed version of everyone's favorite game, "So Shalit Be," before bidding goodbye on an extra-sized podcast.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 257 includes:

-Gropers of the Week: Timothy Hutton, plus Harvey Weinstein verdict arrives.

-Spielberg out for Indy 5. James Mangold in. For now.

-Pixar's "Onward" works better as an emotional journey than as a comic fantasy, go figure.

-"The Invisible Man" is the first great film of 2020.

This Week's Pitch -- Universal Monster Reboots!

-The guys pitch movies following writer/director Leigh Whannell's formula of grounding the famous monsters in real-world and socially relevant angles.

-Bonus Discussion: Not-So Elite 8 of Worst of 2010s!

-It's the final eight worst of the worst for the dishonorable title of worst film of the 2010s decade.

Direct download: pitch_257.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:56pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting into the thick of their tournament to determine what the worst film of the 2010s was (excluding "A Serbian Film" and "InAPPropriate Comedy") and arguing eight match-ups over 16 very bad movies. The guys also recap the big Oscar winners and the shocking news of "Parasite" winning the top award, the first foreign winner. The guys discuss new movies, trailers, and news, but this episode is all about the Not-So Sweet Sixteen of bad movies.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 256 includes:

-Oscars finally do something right, and give their top awards to the actual best movie of the year, "Parasite."

-Sam Raimi returns to the world of Marvel.

-"Birds of Prey" is more a Harley Quinn solo affair, and Ben has some bones to pick.

-The "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie is here, with a redesigned, less horrifying Sonic, and it's okay!

-Bonus Discussion: Not-So Sweet Sixteen!

-The guys go through the first round of their Worst Movie of 2010s bracket and determine 8 lucky winners that will vie for the next round of competition. 

Direct download: pitch_256.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:58am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking some very bad movies to task now that we've entered a new decade of cinematic promise. The guys kick off a new feature for 2020 where they whittle down a list of bad movies released from 2010 to 2019, the worst of the worst, and decide what will make their ultimate tournament of the worst movies of the previous decade. With no pitch and few movies to review this episode, the emphasis is on setting up this new bracket of bad.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 255 includes:

-R.I.P. Oscar winner Kobe Bryant, who also, maybe, was some kind of sports person.

-Super Bowl trailer reactions: "A Quiet Place 2," "Fast and Furious 9," and Marvel's Disney+ shows.

-"Color Out of Space" is H.P. Lovecraft done right.

-Nate says "The Gentlemen" isn't stand-up Ritchie.

-Bonus Discussion: Worst Films of 2010s Tournament!

-Ben and Nate debate which 32 worst films of the last decade will earn a spot in their Not-So Sweet Sixteen and then be placed in brackets to compete in upcoming episodes as a new feature.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-Once more, the guys adopt the spirit of famed film critic Gene Shalit to provide bizarre blurbs for the films reviewed on this episode.

Direct download: pitch_255.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:32pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have over a dozen movies to talk about this edition, some of them from 2019 playing catch-up, both good and bad, and several new year releases, mostly bad. However, the guys are shocked to discover that "Doolittle" is not the disaster it's billed. With no time for a pitch or a game this edition, the guys spend their time discussing the recent Oscar nominees and speeding through all the films seen.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 254 includes:

Oscar nominations! Ben and Nate run down the nominees in major categories along with their thoughts and predictions.

-Ya'll see that Morbius trailer? Uh huh.

-Nate talks about possibly one of the worst movies of 2019, the exploitation-heavy "She's Just a Shadow."

-Two January surprises: both "Underwater" and the much-maligned "Doolittle" are surprisingly enjoyable.

Direct download: pitch_254.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:13pm EDT

And now "The Dirty Sons of Pitches" present part two of their yearly look back and the lows of cinema in 2019, with special friend of the podcast, George.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 253 includes:

-The guys recount their bottom ten worst films of 2019, overrated films, and some bearing dishonorable mention. Expect lots of "Cats."

Direct download: pitch_253.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking back on the year as a whole and charting the highs and lows in a huge two-part podcast with special guest of the show, George. On this first part, the guys will quickly review some other 2019 releases before sharing their ten best films of 2019. Part two will be uploaded soon highlighting the worst films of 2019. 

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 252 includes:

-A quick rundown of other 2019 movies not making lists including "Spies in Disguise," "Jumanji: The Next Level," "Bombshell," "Richard Jewell" and others.

-The guys share their individual lists for Ten Best Films of 2019 as well as underrated films from the year.

Direct download: pitch_252.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:09pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have traveled to a galaxy far far away and come back to do what the Internet endlessly seems to do, talk about "Star Wars." It's Episode 9 time with the return of director J.J. Abrams and the poking in the eye of Rian Johnson and the previous installment. The guys square the new trilogy and assess where "Star Wars" could be headed next.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 251 includes:

-The guys search their feelings to discuss "Rise of Skywalker" and how it stacks up to the other new entries in this trilogy. Ben, surprisingly, becomes the defender of the "Star Wars" legacy.

-The guys discuss the nature of fandom, the future of "Star Wars," and what it means to be a "Star Wars" film.

-This Week's Pitch -- New Saga Re-Write!

-Ben offers his take on what Episodes 7-9 could have been using the same key characters of this new trilogy.

Direct download: pitch_251.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:55am EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are picking apart the clues to deduce the real murderers in honor of the new twisty drawing room mystery, "Knives Out." The guys pitch variations on the Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries and then play another rendition of their closing game, "So Shalit Be," but this one goes into even extra special bizarre territory, and that's saying something.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 250 includes:

-Trailer responses: "Black Widow," "No Time to Die," and "Free Guy."

-"Aladdin" spinoff time with the only white character!

-The "Charlie's Angels" reboot is a hot mess.

-Ben watched the John Cena-as-fireman-family film. and he kind of liked it. No joke.

-Nate highly recommends "Marriage Story" and says "Uncut Gems" is admirable, but boy oh boy does he not think too highly of Clint Eastwood's "Richard Jewell."

-"Knives Out" is a different kind of murder mystery and it charms Nate and mostly works for Ben.

-This Week's Pitch -- Drawing Room Mysteries!

-Ben pitches murder mysteries inside the White House, a cruise ship, a super hero gathering, and inside the mind of a really hacky writer.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys conclude another edition by adopting the persona of America's favorite 90-year-old film critic and providing increasingly insane blurbs for the movies reviewed on the podcast. This one gets... weird.

Direct download: pitch_250.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:55pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are spinning, twirling, leaping, and tripping balls to try and make heads or tails out of the French movie "Climax," one of the worst films of 2019. The guys pitch their own version on the spot with Switch the Pitch and then conclude with America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be."

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 249 includes:

-"Star Trek" is back, maybe this time, with Noah Hawley in the captain's chair.

-"Frozen II" let something go... its sense of quality.

-"Doctor Sleep" is a movie that serves two masters and also functions as Stephen King's X-Men.

-The guys try and question the point of Gaspar Noe's "Climax."

-This Week's Pitch -- Switch the Pitch: Climax

-Noe's movie gets rewritten on the spot as Ben and Nate pitch a new version with a random generator for different plot elements.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-To summarize the movies reviewed this week, the guys channel the spirit of famed film critic Gene Shalit to come up with increasingly lurid blurbs for them.

Direct download: pitch_249.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:03pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have completed their writing project and are eager to dig into some of the Oscar-ready movies of this new awards season, as well as special Halloween treats for them, like seeing Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes live and in-person for the roadshow edition of "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot." In honor of that, Ben puts together some youth-chasing reboot pitches, and the guys conclude another hearty podcast with America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be," wherein the guys imitate famed critic Gene Shalit to varying degrees of madness and stupidity.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 248 includes:

-New "Star Wars" Episode IX trailer, Benioff & Weiss depart writing "Star Wars," and new "Game of Thrones" spinoff after another spinoff dropped.

-Ever wanted to fast forward through a Netflix movie but didn't want to hit the fast forward button?

-"Jojo Rabbit" and "The Lighthouse" are two very weird, potentially off-putting indies that succeed on their own terms. Only one of them involves an imaginary Hitler.

-"Zombieland 2" is more of the same but also a clear leftover of the TV series that never was.

-"Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" is a movie made for the fans, in both ways good and not quite as good.

-This Week's Pitch -- Hip Reboots!

-In the style of Kevin Smith's reboot, Be quickly runs through some ideas to reboot other movies for a hip, diverse, younger crowd.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys run through the movies covered this week by channeling the spirit of movie critic and pun lover Gene Shalit and supplying increasingly insane blurbs. This week it's all about boots and the places they'll go.

Direct download: pitch_248.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:40pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have triumphantly returned after a long though busy break. They have a lot of movies to cover and in honor of the new gritty, R-rated "Joker" film they will be pitching solo ventures in the same dark vein for Batman's other villains. The guys wind up an extra long podcast by channeling the spirit of Gene Shalit to come up with absurd blurbs for a selection of the movies reviewed.

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Episode 247 includes:

-Sony and Marvel kiss and make up realizing they both really like money.

-Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies aren't movies.

-Ben says "The Addams Family" is a nice surprise.

-Nate spits out reviews for "Hustlers," "Ad Astra," "Gemini Man," "Judy," "Parasite," and the Fred Durst-directed, John Travolta-starring "The Fanatic."

-The new "Joker" is good but Ben contests mishandles the entire identity of what makes Joker the Joker. The guys also discuss the nature of comedy in this new era and whether Todd Phillips has any point in his declaration that you can't be funny anymore.

-This Week's Pitch -- Joker-fy Batman Villain Solo Films!

-The guys try and pitch gritty, R-rated solo outings and cast movies for Catwoman, Clay Face, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and a dozen other rogues.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take on the persona of America's favorite televised film critic to offer increasingly bizarre pun-laden blurbs for this week's films reviewed.

Direct download: pitch_247.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:59pm EDT

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and clowning around for the concluding sequel to Stephen King's hit movie, "It." The guys look to the months to come at a wide range of movies coming out that they may or may not be looking forward to, and they conclude the episode with another round of America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be." You'll never look at kangaroos the same.

Available on iTunes and Spotfy

Episode 245 includes:

-Who would you cast for a "Face/Off" remake?

-D23 news: even MORE Marvel TV series! More!

-Ben finds the "Dora the Explorer" movie to be a cute and delightful family adventure film.

-"It Chapter 2" isn't quite what Chapter One offered, but we all knew this was coming, right?

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-Bonus Discussion -- Looking Ahead to 2019!

-The guys look ahead at two dozen movies coming out between now and the end of the year.

This Week's Game -- "So Shalit Be"

-The guys play another edition of imitating the spirit of America's favorite TV film critic, Gene Shalit, to summarize via blurbs the films reviewed this week.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and picking up the pieces of major reshuffling, from Blumhouse pulling a release to recent tragedies to Sony and Marvel ending their shared partnership with Spider-Man over money. In honor of "Ready or Not," the guys pitch movies featuring the hunting of humans, and then they end another episode with America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be?" where they summarize the movies reviewed through the spirit of notable TV film critic, Gene Shalit. 

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Episode 245 includes: 

-"The Hunt" gets pulled from release following mass shootings, which means it will.... never have a safe period to be released. 

-Sony and Marvel break up over Spider-Man visitation rights. 

-Nate struggles to say too many positive things for "The Kitchen," "Dark Iris," and "Where Did You Go, Bernadette?" 

-"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" is creepy and a fine introduction to horror for younger kids. 

-"Ready or Not" is a blast and might be Ben's favorite movie of 2019! 

-This Week's Pitch -- Human Hunting! 

-Nate pitches a very uptight librarian keeping order and white nationalist militias deputized by a racist president to round up whatever "illegals" they find. 

-Ben pitches a cannibal president, an extreme marriage counseling couples session, and a hunt through time using the weapons of its older era. 

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be! 

-The guys assume the mantle of TV film critic Gene Shalit by providing increasingly insane blurbs for the movies covered this week.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are revving those engines, a term that seems less and less applicable with every sequel, for the "Fast and Furious" spinoff, "Hobbs & Shaw." The guys pitch tag-team spinoffs and then conclude with another round of America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be" where the guys imitate national treasure Gene Shalit to come up with movie blurbs for the films covered that week.

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Episode 244 includes:

-Get ready for the worst podcast idea of all time, and making it about "Batman vs Superman" is only part of the reason why.

-Stephen King writing new ending for "The Stand."

-Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is a stroll down his memories. A leisurely stroll.

-Indie roundup: "The Farewell," "High-Life," and an Ohio-made drama, "Huckleberry."

-"Hobbs & Shaw" is basically everything you want it to be, and that's not enough for Ben.

-This Week's Pitch -- Tag-Team Spinoffs!

-Ben pitches an Indiana Jones team of Mutt and Short Round, a man and a sentient zombie, the dinosaurs in "Jurassic World," Wolverine helping young Magneto hunt Nazis, and teaming two villainous Purgers.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys imitate the famous film critic Gene Shalit and come up with blurbs for the movies reviewed on this podcast episode.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are reeling from all the recent news at the annual Comicon and trying their best to respond the multitude of amazing new trailers for TV and movies. the guys then review several movies, notably Disney's new live action "Lion King" remake, and discuss the troubles of photo realism. They close out the episode playing another edition of "So Shalit Be" and imitate Gene Shalit blurbs.

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Episode 243 includes:

-So many new trailers but none of them quite as horrifying as the CGI-nightmare "Cats."

-Trailer reactions to "Picard," "Snowpiercer," "His Dark Materials," "It chapter 2," "Watchmen," "The Witcher," "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," and "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot."

-Marvel unveils its massive Phase 4 news with movies and Disney+ show announcements plus one buzzy casting choice that irritates Ben (Guess who).

-"Stuber" and "Crawl" are okay genre movies, nothing special, and certainly better than "Polaroid" and local Columbus-made indie "Cadia: The World Within."

-Dinsey's live-action "The Lion King" is something nobody asked for and ready for your shrugs.

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys play America's favorite game coming up with blurbs for this week's movies reviewed in the style of famous TV critic Gene Shalit. Madness usually follows.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have some business to tend to since they last recorded, now with a new computer and hopefully just as much signature nonsense listeners have come to expect. There are movies high and low to cover, like "Toy Story 4" and
"Late Night" and "The Dead Don't Die." the guys also conclude with another edition of America's favorite game for America's favorite strange uncle, TV personality Gene Shalit.

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Episode 241 includes:

-New and Old Gropers of the Week: Cuba Gooding Jr., Max Landis, and Donald Trump.

-"Men in Black International" is entirely forgettable.

-The guys rant about what might be the worst theatrical film they've watched for 2019 so far, Jim Jarmusch's zombie "comedy" "The Dead Don't Die."

-Ben raves that the "Child's Play" remake is actually great and deserves to be seen.

-"Toy Story 4" is a worthy sequel and actually improves in some ways over its predecessor.

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys round out another episode by impersonating TV legend Gene Shalit to deliver blurbs for the movies reviewed this episode and, as always, it descends into madness.

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Hey everybody, Ben here, uploading the podcast this week because Nate's computer was dying. But anyway, we recorded this one raw without any edits or music, just pure unadulterated Dirty Sons Of Pitches talkin' right into your ear holes. I don't even remember what we talked about because we recorded this several days ago and it's just been sitting on my laptop because I've been too lazy to post it until Nate literally forced me to, sitting in front of me and staring at me with his dead googly eyes until I did so. We probably talked about movies or something. Enjoy.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back with a lot of news and some significant May movies to review and discuss. The guys have Batman news, Game of Thrones finales, and more dead celebrities to improperly mourn. This week's pitch is in honor of "Detective Pikachu" and bringing video game characters into the real world or telling stories within those video game worlds. Afterwards the guys summarize the episode in grand Gene Shalit blurb-style with America's favorite game "So Shalit Be."

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Episode 239 includes:

-R.I.P. Tom Conway and Grumpy Cat and these are getting even worse.

-"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson is Batman and the Internet is characteristically mad.

-"Detective Pikachu" is pleasant and strictly made for the fans.

-"John Wick 3" is action-packed and glorious.

-The live-action "Aladdin" is NOT a whole new world.

-This Week's Pitch -- Video Game Fish-Out-of-Water!

-Ben pitches a Ninja Gaiden film noir, bringing Mario to the real world where everyone thinks he's crazy, a live-action Donkey Kong series, a GTA story about the NPCs screwed over, and a real-life version of the classic game about avoiding defecating in your pants.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys come up with increasingly bizarre blurbs for this week's films in the style of TV legend Gene Shalit.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are playing the new pitch/game hybrid once again "Switch the Pitch" to randomly make a new version of an existing film on the spot, but because it was so long the guys have split the podcast into two parts. the first part has them covering the news of the week, including some celebrity deaths and celebrity gropers, and then reviewing the small number of movies seen over the week. Part two will include the massive "Switch the Pitch" recording and how epic it all goes down.

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Episode 237 includes:

-R.I.P. John Singleton and Peter Mayhew, who the guys honor as best they can, which means... poorly.

-The "Sonic the Hedgehog" trailer was so bad that they are actually redesigning the whole thing.Is it going to be Superman's mustache all over again?

-Ben survived "Ugly Dolls." It got ugly.

-"Long Shot" is suitably romantic, suitably funny, and Charlize Theron has our votes for anything.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with "Switch the Pitch" performed for "Avengers: Endgame" in the next DSOP podcast coming soon!

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are going big, a bigness that is 11 years in the making as they unpack and discuss the mega blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" and a concluding chapter in the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe. They delay their pitch for the next episode and conclude with another rendition of America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be." 

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Episode 236 includes:

-Trailer responses and breaking news about John Singleton in a coma (soon to be even more breaking).

-Nate says "Curse of La Llorona" is boring, "Peterloo" is boring, and "Hellboy"is insane.

-Ben sees "Welcome to Marwen" on Nate's dare and rues the experience.

-"Avengers Endgame" is fan service of the highest order. SPOILERS begin at 46:30 minutes in.

-This Week's Pitch! -- Delayed!

-We'll play another rendition of "Switch the Pitch" from episode 236 after the film has a little more time out in theaters for others to catch.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys play another round of impersonating famed film personality Gene Shalit and coming up with blurbs for the films reviewed on this week's show.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have come to an auspicious moment in the history of their podcast with the release of their first honest-to-goodness movie, being two of the credited writers attached to a low-budget Netflix film. The guys pitch Tim Burton vehicles in honor ofthe new live-action "Dumbo" and conclude with another rendition of America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be," this time with the illustrious Gene Shalit providing a blurb for a movie they have written (and was rewritten).

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Episode 234 includes:

-So... the guys have a movie on Netflix now. That's a thing.

-The new "Joker" back-story trailer reminds you that clowns can also be upsetting.

-The guys enjoy "Shazam!" and Ben dubs it the finest DCU movie so far.

-"Serenity" might have the strangest twist for the year.

-"Dumbo" is a mostly enjoyable whimsical charm.

This Week's Pitch -- Tim Burton Vehicles!

-The guys pitch remakes, comic properties, and other stories for Tim Burton to adapt in his style.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys imitate the style of pun-heavy TV film critic Gene Shalit to review the various movies covered this week including their own.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking over their shoulders and questioning mirrors after Jordan Peele's newest horror movie, "Us." and In honor of that film, the guys pitch movies about clones and dopplegangers, and then they wrap up this podcast in grand tradition with America's favorite game, So Shalit Be.

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Episode 233 includes:

-James Gunn is back aboard "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" and Disney finally consumes the last of Fox.

-Is this the death of the mid-tier movie?

-"Captive State" feels like a neat mini-series smashed into a disappointing two-hour movie.

-Ben finds "Christopher Robin" to be horrifying.

-Jordan Peele's "Us" is spooky and fun... and drops the ball in the third act.

-This Week's Pitch -- Dopplegangers!

-Nate pitches twins dating the same woman and getting into trouble with elected office.

-Ben pitches a series where anyone can do whatever they want with a disposable clone, a man hunts his pwn clones for sport, and the U.S. government must kill a clone of the president once the real deal dies secretly.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take this week's reviewed movies and channel famed critic Gene Shalit to come up with pun-laden nonsense blurbs for each title.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and celebrating the high-flying first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their first female-lead film, the titular "Captain Marvel." The guys pitch prequel movies highlighting other unknown chapters from the MCU and close out the podcast with a wild edition of America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be."

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Episode 232 includes:

-Oscars 2019 recap: the good, the bad, and the "Green Book."

-R.I.P. Luke Perry and Albert Finney and Jussie Smollett's career.

-"How to Train Your Dragon 3" is surprisingly poor.

-If you needed another reason to be uncomfortable with creepy Michael Jackson, might we suggest the 4-hour documentary, "Leaving Neverland."

-"Captain Marvel" is a fine if flawed 90s superhero adventure. Suck it, haters.

-This Week's Pitch -- MCU prequels!

-Ben pitches various prequels highlighting unknown prior chapters in time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take the movies reviewed this week and develop increasingly insane Gene Shalit-style blurbs for each. Wait until the end on this one.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have a litany of news to get through and several movies to get caught up with, leading into the big February releases of "Alita: Battle Angel" and "The Lego Movie 2," and in honor of that block-headed family movie, the guys are pitching Lego movies and series. They conclude with America's favorite game, So Shalit Be, where they adopt the spirit of Gene Shalit to provide blurbs for this week's catalogue of movies reviewed.

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Episode 231 includes:

-Gropers of the Week: Ryan Adams, R. Kelly, and Max Landis staging a comeback.

-Stop me if you've heard this before: the Oscars came up with a terrible idea that everyone thought as terrible.

-The long-awaited live-action "Alita: Battle Angel" is... fine, big weird anime eyes and all.

-Netflix's "Polar" is gratuitous in every possible way.

-"Lego Movie 2" might not be as fresh but it's still a highly enjoyable family film. 

-This Week's Pitch -- Lego Movies!

-Ben pitches Lego sequels to other existing franchises as well as a movie where their very building blocks are sold as a commodity in a class system.

-This Wee's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys play another round of imitating notable film critic Gene Shalit when it comes to delivering blurbs for the films reviewed on this podcast.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are bundling up during the winter col and polar vortexes and getting lost in the combined cinematic universes of different directors. In honor of "Glass," the guys pitch on the spot shared universes for the films of various directors. Then they end things with America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be," and once again imitate the highly imitateable Gene Shalit to come up with film blurbs for movies covered

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Episode 230 includes:

-More bad news for Bryan Singer but will it matter to the people with money?

-Oscar nominations are here and Ben doesn't care.

-The feel-good film "Stan & Ollie" answers the question of what John C. Reilly would look like in a big fat suit.

-"Glass" may not have been worth an 18-year wait for fans, but it's still entertaining.

-This Week's Pitch -- Directorial Shared Universes!

-The guys pitch shared stories for the films of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese,

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys go back through the movies of the episode and produce Gene Shalit-quality blurbs for each that inevitably descend into madness.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are going without their blindfolds to explain the popularity of "Bird Box," the new Netflix horror thriller where everyone, including your mother, has watched it and has soemthing to say. In honor of the new January release "Escape Room," the guys pitch movies to be adapted into real-life escape rooms and how it would best work. To round out the episode, the guys play America's favorite game, "So Shalit Be," and ring in the new year right.

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Episode 229 includes:

-Kevin Hart may come back to the Oscars, Louis C.K. may come back, but are both wanted at this time?

-Ben shockingly loved "Holmes and Watson." No joke.

-"The Mule" does NOT involve Clint Eastwood putting drugs up his butt. You've been warned.

-"Bird Box" is a Netflix sensation and it's... not really that good.

-This Week's Pitch - Movie Escape Rooms!

-The guys pitch movies to be applied to the escape room concept, including "Panic Room," "The Shining," "Saw" and "Cube," and "Jurassic Park."

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take the movies reviewed on this week's show and give them the ole Gene Shalit blurb/madness treatment that icnreasingly becomes more insane and vulgar.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are revealing their favorite and least favorites films of 2018. Stick around as they debate the highest highs, lowest lows and whether "A Wrinkle in Time" or "Mary Poppins" were originally good sources to begin with.

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Episode 228 includes:

-The Best films of 2018

-Overrated and Underrated films

-The Worst films of 2018

-The Rooney Mara Eats a Pie Award for the Best/Worst sequences of 2018

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are readying their best and worst films of 2018, but before they get into the particulars they have some news items and other films to review. This is Part One of the massive end of the year retrospective that was too big for one podcast. Part Two will be uploaded shortly but until then enjoy the boys trying to make sense of Kevin Spacey, "The Playmobil Movie," "Show Dogs," and "Welcome to Marwen" and other 2018 moments of curiosity.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 227 includes:

-Kevin Spacey is not going away quietly and it's utterly bizarre. Will he monologue to the cameras in court?

-Trailer reactions to Jordan Peele's "Us," "Brightburn," and the "Lego Movie" ripoff, "The Playmobil Movie."

-The guys have finally watched "Show Dogs" and lived to tell the tale.

-"Welcome to Marwen" is powerfully misguided.

-Surprisingly, "Hotel Transylvania 3" and "Smallfoot" are both good films about tolerance and the power of skepticism.

Stay tuned for Part Two -- Best/Worst of 2018 Film!

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are closing out he year by reviewing some of the biggest blockbusters of the holiday season, "Aquaman" and "Bumblebee," both movies pivotal to the longevity of their larger franchises. The guys pitch "kid and their dog" stories across an array of settings and genres in honor of the formula for "Bumblebee," and then they close out 2018 by playing one more rendition of "So Shalit Be," coming up with blurbs for each film reviewed. Happy 2019, listeners, and get ready for a Best/Worst of 2018 next.

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Episode 226 includes:

-Trailer reactions to "Hellboy" reboot and "Men in Black International" reboot are both shurgs.

-R.I.P. Penny Marshall, the superior Marshall.

-"Aquaman" is enough fun for Nate, but Ben wants it to sink to the bottom.

-"Bumblebee" makes you wish they had been making these kinds of Transformers movies from the start.

-This Week's Pitch -- A Kid and Their Dog Tales!

-Nate pitches a boy and his pet zombie.

-Ben pitches a boy and his cannibal bodyguard, a boy and his dog/werewolf dad, a boy and his robot friend/suit, a woman and the robotic moon, and a Bigfoot family adventure.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys play America's favorite game as they look back at the movies this week and come up with Gene Shalit-inspired blurbs for each one. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have another round of movies to speed through in an attempt to catch up, ending on the incredible new animated film, "Into the Spider-Verse." In honor of the film, the guys pitch movies from parallel comic worlds. The guys also play another edition of America's favorite game, So Shalit Be, coming up with increasingly bizarre pun-laden blurbs for the movies reviewed this episode to honor the legacy of Gene Shalit.

Episode 225 includes:

-The worst song of all time has been unleashed. Have your ears try and comprehend Pitbull's "Ocean 2 Ocean."

-Gropers of the Week: Michael Weatherly and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

-Nate reviews the likes of "Creed II," "Death of a Nation," "Green Book," "Roma," and "Mowgli." Ben reviews "Old Man and the Gun" and "Vox Lux."

-The two of them then review "The Favourtie," "Mary Queen of Scots," "Mortal Engines, and "Into the Spider-Verse," the best 2018 animated film.

This Week's Pitch -- Parallel Comic Worlds!

-Nate pitches a crossover between the Fantastic Four and the better film Fantastic Four, the Incredibles.

-Ben pitches the Canon films version of Spider-Man, the 1970s Japanese Spider-Man, Victorian era superheroes, and Star Trek superheroes.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take all of the many, many movies they reviewed this week and find appropriate and inappropriate blurbs from the mind of Gene Shalit.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and might be dipping out again soon for other projects, but in the meantime they've got a bounty, a feast of movies to talk about. They limit each movie to four minutes and run through a gauntlet of ten recent releases. The guys also pitch movies set in the Harry Potter universe in honor of the second "Fantastic Beasts" movie, and then they finish off this podcast with a holiday treat, another rendition of America's favorite game, So Shalit Be.

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Episode 224 includes:

-Is it possible that "Detective Pikachu" might actually be a good movie?

-R.I.P. Marvel comics iconoclast Stan Lee. Excelsior.

-Nate runs through five movies he's seen on his own: "Blue My Mind," "The Girl in the Spider's Web," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Ballad of Buster Scruggs," and "Widows."

-The guys run through a gauntlet of new releases: "Suspiria," "The Grinch," "Border," "Fantastic Beasts 2," and "Ralph Wrecks the Internet."

-This Week's Pitch -- Potter Universe!

-Nate pitches a look at the wizards vs humans conflict in different eras hinted at with "Fantastic Beasts."

-Ben pitches an Azkaban prison break movie and other movies but, come on, how can we not get an Azkaban prison break movie? That's awesome.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys come up with increasingly vulgar blurbs for Gene Shalit as they spin through ten movies.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are tuning into the mid 90s, a glorious time to be alive, thanks to Jonah Hill's directorial debut, appropriately called, "Mid90s." They're pitching coming of age projects, though assume they have covered this topic previously on a podcast over 220 episodes now. In addition, the guys play a game of Vanity Project to try and get Melissa McCarthy's career in a better place, and the gents round out another episode with America's favorite game -- So Shalit Be. Alogn the way the guys talk about an auditory Terrence Malick, the role piracy has in film preservation, the punishment Ann Dowd must forever pay in movies, the absence of new Christopher Guest films, and a new take on a not-classic nobody has seen, 1990's "Loose Cannons."

Available on iTunes.

Episode 223 includes:

-R.I.P. FilmStruck streaming service and Megyn Kelly's news career at NBC. Only one due to blackface comments.

-Reboots ahoy for the "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Killer Klowns from Outer Space," and "Critters." Guess which makes Ben the happiest.

-Melissa McCarthy impresses just enough in the just good enough true-story, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"

-Jonah Hill's "Mid90s" is a slight but mostly enjoyable ode to being young and it also has perhaps the most awkward "sex scene" of 2018 cinema.

-This Week's Pitch -- Coming of Age (II?)!

-Ben pitches a time-traveling "Stand By Me," kids coming of age during a zombie apocalypse, kids fighting for the return of the Halloween of old, and a young child rejecting the MAGA path of his family

-This Week's Game -- Vanity Project!

-Ben and Nate discuss a project for Melissa McCarthy that would make the best use of her acting talents.

-Bonus Game: So Shalit Be!

-The guys come up with Gene Shalit-worthy blurbs for the movies they reviewed this week, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" and "Mid90s."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting spooky in preparation for this Hallow's Eve and watching the new remake "Halloween" which takes place 40 years after the original. It's intended to skip the other sequels and so the guys pitch other new editions that pretend the earlier sequels never existed. They also play another round of America's favorite game, So Shalit Be. Along the way learn all about the imprisonment of Fan Bingbing, Ben's pending litigation, a sad state of affairs for Kurt Russell, and a lot about horror franchises from the 80s and 90s.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 22 includes:

-China releases a popular movie star from house arrest and the DCU welcomes James Gunn to their party.

-Producer Jason Blum says there aren't women interested in making horror movies. About that...

-"First Man" is mostly boring and "Bad Times at the El Ray" is thrilling. They're both 141 minutes long. Choose wisely.

-Nate saw the latest (not) midnight movie from (not) cult filmmaker, Neil Breen.

-The new "Halloween" is one half not so great and one half kinda great. It's confusing.

-This Week's Pitch -- Sequel Skips!

-The guys come up with pitches for new editions of famous sci-fi and horror franchises that forget the earlier sequels.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-Another episode of new film titles are given the Gene Shalit treatment for pun-heavy reviews and an increasingly depraved sense of Shalit.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting political with the Age of Trump and the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings over accusations of his boyhood sexual assaulting. The guys are pitching movies and projects where women fight back against the larger patriarchy, and then after it's another edition of everyone's favorite game. So Shalit Be. Along the way you'll hear all about the horrifying knowledge of what Trump's genitals look like, whether Michael Moore is still relevant and the Trump-to-hitler comparisons are justified, the lasting power of "The Twilight Zone," the horrifying sexy "Handmaid's Tale" Halloween outfit, and the power of baugettes as a visual indicator.

Available on iTunes

Episode 221 includes:

-In other groper news, the Supreme Court might have a sexual assaulting judge soon...

-New James Bond director and possibly a new Bond

-"The House with a Clock in Its Walls" is a fun kids movie from the director of "Hostel." Huh?

-Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9" throws a lot out there and might ultimately be hopeless.

-Ben and Nate rave that "Assassination Nation" is a knockout and one of the best movies of 2018.

-This Week's Pitch -- Women Fight Back!

-Ben pitches a vigilante team fighting the sexual predators and harassers out there, a telekinetic rape revenge film, and the First Lady as a double agent.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys take turns offering blurbs in the form of favorite film critic Gene Shalit for this weeks films reviewed on the show.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are on the warpath this week thanks to the new big screen return of the 80s action star with Shane Black's "The Predator." The guys are pitching properties related to hunters/hunting and play another rendition of America's favorite game, So Shalit Be. Along the way they discuss the whether a "the" counts as a word, the finer habits of masturbatory disposal, whether the "Peppermint" trailer says what it sounds like it says, whether reformed sex offenders should be in movies, the etiquette of movie going with stupid talky kids, and perhaps the most wild and bizarre account of Gene Shalit's after hours activities yet.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 220 includes:

-Henry Cavil hangs up his tights at Superman.

-Gropes of the Week: Les Moonves and Steven Wilder Striegel.

-"Mandy" is a mess and so is "The Nun," but one is slightly more tolerable for Ben.

-The guys disagree over revenge thriller "Peppermint" and whether the trailer indicates that the candy should be found in a place most uncomfortable.

-Shane Black's "The Predator" is too little of too many things, but hey, it says autism is the next stage in human evolution.

-This Week's Pitch -- Hunting/Hunters!

-Ben pitches a reverse "Most Dangerous Game," a mother/daughter team hunting bad boyfriends, and a nationwide manhunt open to the public orchestrated by a vengeful President Trump.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys recap this week's films they have reviewed in the pun-happy styles of America's favorite TV critic and mustache-owner, Gene Shalit.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are looking back on the summer movie season with an aim toward correcting several movies that could have used a little help to improve. It's another edition of Fix a Summer Movie. Along the way the guys sweat it out and conclude another summer season of movie watching and podcasting.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 219 includes:

-Asia Argento gets into a #MeToo problem of her own.

-Did you hear that Neil Armstrong is now a commie? The latest on conservative pundit faux controversies.

-It's a medley of meh movies: "Puzzle," "Operation Finale," "The Little Stranger."

-The new "Puppet Master" movie is so bad and insulting to fans that it makes Ben absolutely furious.

-This Week's Pitch -- Fix a Summer Movie!

-The guys make suggestions to better films such as "A Quiet Place," "Deadpool 2," "Hereditary," "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," "Tag," "The Meg,"  and "The Happytime Murders."

Direct download: pitch_219.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are fresh from their 48 film fest showing (you can watch their film "Christmas Steve" here) and are catching up with the closing of the summer movie season with a big movie about big sharks and a big movie about big representation. The guys pitch shark movies in honor of "The Meg" and play another round of their favorite, and only, game, So Shalit Be. Along the way they'll discuss the unsung praise of Dan Castelenetta, Movie Pass, whether an Oscar category will stifle mainstream films or give them better representation, the near fatal fight over who should play Aretha Franklin in a movie, the merits of plot over atmosphere, and Ben's new podcast, "Head Cannon."

Available on iTunes.

Episode 218 includes:

-The next Academy Awards will be introducing the category of... Best Popular Movie. Discuss.

-Is Paramount letting "Star Trek" die as a current film franchise?

-Ben is bored to death by "Eighth Grade" and intrigued by "Miseducation of Cameron Post," and the guys discuss the defining traits of coming-of-age movies.

-The 90s rom-com is reborn with "Crazy Rich Asians" and thanks to representation feels fresh again.

-"The Meg" is a fun shark movie that gave Nate enough to enjoy and left Ben wanting a little more bite.

-This Week's Pitch -- Sharks!

-Ben pitches an octopus with shark heads for arms, Hitler shark, a vigilante pledging vengeance against sharks, and microscopic sharks injected inside the president!

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys recap the movies they discussed this week but through the lends of pun-happy film critic, Gene Shalit.

Direct download: pitch_218.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back from making another 48 hour film festival entry and can finally talk about a great new movie, Spike Lee's strange-but-true "BlackkKlansman." The guys pitch movies about minority races, race itself, and racial oppression, and then they conclude the episode by playing another game of everyone's favorite pun-laden film critic, So Shalit Be.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 217 includes:

-Come gather ye children to hear the tale, the tale of Movie Pass and foolhardy venture capitalists.

-Ben pimps his new solo podcast, "Head Cannon."

-Who knew Bo Burnham could be so sincere on behalf of eighth grade girls everywhere?

-"BlackkKlansman" is Spike Lee's best movie in decades.

-This Week's Pitch -- Race/Race Relations!

-Nate pitches a "Babel"-like tale of multiple points of view from immigrants, minorities, and people dramatically affected by Trump policies.

-Ben pitches a varied look at a Trayvon Martin-style tragedy, white America trying to flee to Mexico but foiled by a wall, the life of an Asian guy with a goatee who everyone assumes is a kung-fu master, and a vigilante superhero in an urban neighborhood.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys attempt to form Gene Shalit-worthy puns blurbs for each of the movies they talked about on the episode.

Direct download: pitch_217.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are picking up the pieces in the wake of some stunning news from Disney, namely the firing of writer/director James Gunn from the billion-dollar franchise he helped bring to their door. The guys discuss new Comicon trailers making their debut and briefly pitch where Gunn and his franchise may go next. Along the way there is also discussion over Gene Shalit's bathroom habits, the moon's response to man leaving behind astronaut excrement, the danger of right-wing trolls being rewarded, a fine year for ketchup, how far is too far with satire, French ignorance, and just how reliably wonderful Tom Cruise is when he's going all-out in an action vehicle.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 216 includes:

-James Gunn fired by Disney for tweets he already apologized for and they knew about two movies ago.

-The guys respond to new trailers revealed at Comicon, including "Godzilla: King of the Monsters," "Aquaman," "Shazam!," "Fantastic Beasts 2," and "Battle Angel Alita."

-"Skyscraper" doesn't quite reach its intended heights; "Sorry to Bother You" goes a little too far in its final act"; "Three Identical Strangers" deserves to be seen.

-"Mission: Impossible 6' is the best in the series and a pure adrenaline rush of action glory.

-This Week's Pitch -- What's Next for James Gunn/Guardians of the Galaxy?

-The guys discuss what projects James Gunn might be well suited for and who might be a replacement director for "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3."

Direct download: pitch_216.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once again looking at failed TV pilots of old, this time with all Frankenstein-related pilots. It's another fascinating look at an alternate universe of TV that might have been. Remarkably, most of the shows are actually pretty acceptable and in some cases present promise that would never be fulfilled. Stick around indeed.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 215 includes:

-The 1958 "Tales of Frankenstein" was meant to be an anthology horror series by Hammer.

-Writer/director Roger Avary's "Mr. Stitch" 1995 Sci-Fi Channel pilot has just enough intriguing elements that Ben and Nate openly wish they could write it how it should be.

-Dean Koontz's modern 2004 "Frankenstein" with Parker Posey... could be good but we'll never know (it's probably not).

-Instead, the guys watch Andy Kaufman's 1977 pre-"Taxi" pilot "Stick Around" where he's a robot butler in the future and... and it's kinda great.

Direct download: pitch_215.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have been beset by bugs, both in real life and at the movies. They're back and in honor of "Ant-Man and the Wasp" the guys are pitching movies related to bugs and insects. Along the way they talk about some very specific masculine fears, the nature of film commerce as a Lovecraftian monster, the surge of social significance the "Purge" movies have undergone, the appeal of mob movies, and whether all actors will be replaced with de-aged versions of themselves in the future.

Available on iTunes

Episode 214 includes:

-R.I.P. Steve Ditko, Harlan Ellison, Ed Schultz

-Is ScarJo in another "-washing" casting controversy?

-Has "The Purge" gotten more political and more relevant in the age of Trump? You bet your ass it has.

-Nate has seen the 0% on RT film "Gotti," and the worst thing, by far, is Pitbull's musical score.

-"Ant-Man and the Wasp" is light-hearted comic fun and about what you'd want from it.

-This Week's Pitch -- Buuuuuuuugs!

-Ben pitches a Poe-styled thriller with a killer villainous worm, and an invading plague of bugs and the soldiers designed to eliminate them.

-Nate pitches robot honey bees taking over and a home invasion thriller where one family must face off against a swarm of highly intelligent bugs.

Direct download: pitch_214_A.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are holding onto their butts for the newest dinosaur adventure, the mega sequel "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom." The guys pitch Disney sequels to recent films in honor of their newest Pixar release, the long-awaited "Incredibles 2." The guys chat about the Mt. Rushmore of celebrity gropers, the appeal of the "Maury Povich" talk show, the virtue of not wearing pants, a Disney conspiracy to get "A Wrinkle in Time' over the $100 million mark, what makes a good sequel, and an important announcement at the end of the show how things will never be the same for the podcast going forward.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 213 includes:

-Groper of the Week: Nerd magnate and host of everything on AMC, Chris Hardwicke.

-The end of an era: Jerry Springer going off TV after 30 years of chair hurling action.

-"Incredibles 2" isn't up to the standard of the original, but it's still plenty great.

-Jeremy Renner actually steals the show in "Tag," and marvel at his lifelike CGI arms.

-Ben gushes about his favorite movie of 2018: "The Jurassic Games." It's "The Hunger Games" with dinosaurs!

-The new "Jurassic World" is pretty dumb.

-This Week's Pitch -- Modern Disney Sequels!

-The guys pitch sequels on the spot to "Frozen," "Moana," "Zootopia," "Inside Out," and, "Brave," among others.

Direct download: pitch_213.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are scratching their heads over the buzz-worthy indie horror film "Hereditary" and trying to make sense of the movie and what critics are raving about. In honor of that film, this week they're pitching stories about family tragedies. Along the way they also talk about a variety of topics such as racist mascots, a 1980 movie with black face, sexual side effects of Ambien, a Supreme Court filled with child justices, a "Bad Boys 11" spinoff 15 years later, Ben's ability to be manipulated by his own writing, James Franco purposely playing a sexual predator, and Ben's edict on how certain people are "liking movies wrong."

Available on iTunes.

Episode 212 includes:

-Roseanne might go into porn... now scrub your brain. Also, a trip down memory lane of Skinemax and the virtues of soft core eroticism.

-What are the lessons and effects of "Solo" for Kathleen Kennedy and the "Star Wars" franchise?

-Go see "Upgrade," a fun genre movie, while able.

-"The Strangers: Prey at Night" is apparently a lot dumber than you would even believe.

-"Hereditary" is a horror movie for people that like movies wrong, says Ben.

-This Week's Pitch -- Family Tragedies!

-Ben pitches a woman raised by cannibal parents trying to start her own life, two brothers running a haunted graveyard, and a makeshift team hunting sexual predators from their youth.

-Nate pitches a younger German generation trying to square their idea of their parents going along with the Holocaust.

Direct download: pitch_212.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking their cues from the latest "Star Wars" movie and looking for characters deserving of spinoff prequels. The guys chat about whether Bryan Fuller deserves another TV series to abandon, lawsuits with crude puppets, Morgan Freeman possibly being the next Groper of the Week, Zack Snyder as a Randian, and what makes a good "Star Wars" movie.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 211 includes:

-Talking dog flick "Show Dogs" grooming children for sexual predators? Wait, what now?

-The new "Roseanne" is cancelled because... of Roseanne being Roseanne.

-"Geo Storm" and "Hurricane Heist" are not bad enough to be enjoyable and not good enough to be good.

-Clint Eastwood's "15:17 to Paris" is a boring ride.

-Ben surprisingly loves "Solo" and calls it the best "Star Wars" film since 1983. Nate finds it so-so.

-This Week's Pitch -- Prequel Spinoffs!

-Ben pitches vehicles for Khan, Doc Brown, Power Rangers, Ron Perlman's "Pacific Rim" character, the Vega brothers, the original Joker, and the best little cantina on Tattooine.

Direct download: pitch_211.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are squeezing time between writing assignments and have a mother of a show to deliver for their listeners. They've got "Deadpool 2" to dissect, a trio of Mother's Day movies ("Tully," "Life of the Party," "Breaking In") and wrap it all up with another edition of everyone's favorite pun-heavy game that goes off the deep end, So Shalit Be.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 210 includes:

-R.I.P. "Superman" actress Margot Kidder, and R.I.P. out good taste when it comes to these things.

-TV cancellations (farewell Alex Inc.) and a surprise 70-episode renewal for "Rick and Morty."

-"Tully" shows motherhood as incarceration, and it's a strong, observant character piece for Charlize Theron.

-"Deadpool 2" is more of the same, which is fine.

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys imitate their favorite pun-heavy TV critic Gene Shalit and conjure blurbs he would provide for a batch of randomly selected movie titles.

Direct download: pitch_210.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are welcoming back Alex Knerem, super fan of geek culture, for this all-out geeky podcast about the ten-years-in-the-making cinematic event, Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity Wars." There a lot to unpack and there will be spoilers after 24:00 minutes in, so beware. In honor of this major event, the guys, with Alex's help, are pitching what's to come in the larger MCU and the many movies yet to come, including the inclusion of the Fox properties, the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Prepared for the overload on geek culture with this episode, folks.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 209 includes:

-Bill Cosby is going away for a long, long time and a place with lots of Jello.

-Anyone else underwhelmed by the latest "Venom" trailer? Anyone?

-"Super Troopers 2" is a decent comedy for fans of the original though not much for anyone else.

-The guys go deep into "Infinity War" with SPOILERS and try and chart all of the major developments.

-This Week's Pitch -- Phase 4 of the MCU!

-Alex pitches the inclusion of a new lineup of X-Men and their focus on social issues.

-Ben pitches a life after "Infinity War" and how to bring in the Fantastic Four and X-Men.

Direct download: pitch_209.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and extra restful from the time off. There's a lot of news items to cover and several good to great movies as well, making this a bountiful and thankful podcast. The guys record after dark and get a little punchy, a little more absurd, and a little more provocative. If you've ever wondered more about the difference between Allison Mack and Alex Mack and the usefulness of turning into a puddle of liquid metal, then your day has come.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 208 includes:

-Groomers of the Week: Channel Awesome, Allison Mack, and Jon K.

-Stan Lee's blood stolen, which leads to a bizarre KISS anecdote that Ben thinks is the most amazingly metal thing ever.

-R.I.P. Isao Takahata, Milos Forman, Art Bell.

-John Krasinski's horror hit "A Quiet Place" is a simple idea brilliantly executed.

-The sex comedy "Blockers" is charmingly progressive and quite funny.

-"Rampage" is a big, dumb monster movie that works well at being a big, dumb monster movie.

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

Direct download: pitch_208.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are recording late having just gotten out of a "Ready Player One" screening, and in honor of Steven Spielberg's sci-fi time machine, the guys pitch VR properties, soemthing they amazingly haven't done over the course of 206 other episodes. Along the way they chat about film award eligibility, the Real Dolls, what "gourds must predominate" means, the strange discrepancy between the "Sherlock Gnomes" trailer and its final product, whether we look to theme park rides for our vital historical truths, and why editing the podcast is better for the listeners.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 207 includes:

-I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want... a Spice Girls cartoon series twenty years too late.

-Indiana Jones 5 in 2020.... yay? Will he be in an urn?

-Steven Soderbergh's movie shot on an iPhone is a cruddy looking movie that looks like it was shot on an iPhone.

-The guys saw "Sherlock Gnomes," were flummoxed by the trailer scenes never appearing, and LITERALLY had someone who worked on the movie contact them to answer their theory. A DSOP exclusive!

-"Ready Player One" is first-class spectacle and little else.

-This Week's Pitch -- Virtual Reality!

-Ben pitches a widow bringing his family back to life via VR, a CSI team to recreate final memories of victims in VR, and a man who can download skills to his brain who is being hunted by the government.

-Nate pitches a VR simulator where you can plug in communication and data from an ex and still have them appear via special glasses. 

-This Week's Game -- None!

Direct download: pitch_207.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting their big screen button-mashing on with the newest incarnation of a movie "Tomb Raider," which inspires this weeks pitch, treasure and treasure-hunting stories. The guys also play another game of their ongoing favorite, So Shalit Be, impersonating beloved, pun enthusiast film critic Gene Shalit.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 206 includes:

-Ava DuVernay gets a new big-budget directing job.... with the DCU... which wants to bury itself even further.

-R.I.P. Stephen Hawking, brilliant scientist and the unknowing bringer of doom for the rest of mankind.

-Anton Yelchin's last film, "Thoroughbreds," is a strongly acted, tense indie thriller worth seeing.

-Take in the madness that is a feature-length game of The Floor is Lava thanks to low-budget Canadian horror flick, "The Bed of the Dead."

-The new "Tomb Raider" is perhaps the best video game adaptation at the movies yet even if Alicia Vikander is no Angelina Jolie in the short shorts dept.

-This Week's Pitch -- Treasure Hunting!

-Nate pitches a scheme where teams must hunt inside the dying body of a wealthy magnate who hid his fortune inside his body.

-Ben pitches kids hijacking a family cruise to hunt for pirate treasure, alien treasure hunt, mob treasure hunt, and parallel world heist crews.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-the guys take the movies they watched this week and produce Gene Shalit-worthy blurbs for each, descending into absurdity.

Direct download: pitch_206.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are sprucing up for the big night at the Oscars and making their predictions and then tying in an awards-season edition of their favorite game, So Shalit Be. The guys also chat about whether anyone has ever played the game Mouse Trap, the ubiquitous of Eric Roberts, whether a "9 to 5" remake can work in this new post-Me Too era, Shakespeare's inspiration for Othello, the missed opportunity of a modern "Death Wish," the glory of "Game Night," and mansplaining how Gal Gadot should pronounce her own name.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 205 includes:

-Kevin Smith almost died and Joss Whedon is bowing out of Batgirl

-Did somebody make "The Shape of Water" earlier, but with a dolphin and a deaf woman?

-Gropers of the Week: Ryan Seacrest, Alex Jones.

-Ben rails against the live-action "Full Metal Alchemist" and the sci-fi thriller "Annihilation."

-"Red Sparrow" doesn't have the conviction to own its sundry genre elements, even with the naked J-Law.

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-Bonus Discussion: Oscar Predictions!

-The guys make their predictions for most of the categories for Hollywood's big night.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys play the pun-happy, Gene Shalit-friendly game, this time coming up with Shalit critical blurbs for all 9 of the Best Picture nominees. 

Direct download: pitch_205.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are celebrating Marvel's "Black Panther" blockbuster by pitching black super hero stories. The guys wrap up the episode playing another game of So Shalit Be, especially after discussing Gene Shalit and his potential departure from TV earlier. Along the way the guys discuss not going full-Shalit, what it takes to get a "mulligan" from the religious right, the influx of the F-word on cable TV, the question of why the female nipple is much more offensive than male nipples, whether "Black Panther" is more or less feminist than "Wonder Woman," the fallacy of the supposed Marvel villain problem, Wakanda not getting off easy for ignoring the slavery of its neighbors, and the blaxploitation possibilities of a were-spider-cop.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 204 includes:

-Want to hear about the dumbest controversy possibly ever thanks to irate parents and the movie "Peter Rabbit"?

-Gropers of the week: Shaun White and Scott Baio, which raises the question of whether Scott Baio is still even worthy of press coverage.

-The new Aardman "Early Man" is an unexpected sports film with cavemen.

-"Black Panther" is an enjoyable super hero movie unafraid of its blackness.

-This Week's Pitch -- Black Super Heroes!

-Ben pitches an alien species that seeded the planet in their black image, an inner city girl who is the goddess of bullets, and an X-Men-style story about slaves who develop mutant powers and revolt.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-The guys randomly draw movie titles and try and deliver blurbs in the vein of famed movie critic and pun-lover Gene Shalit.

Direct download: pitch_204.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have been inundated by J.J. Abram's secretive sci-fi monster series, "Cloverfield," and are looking at the newest film that debuted on Netflix after the Super Bowl. The guys are also pitching movies that could appear within the Cloverfield universe and then playing a new game wherein they try and turn ordinary movies into new Cloverfield property tie-ins. Along the way the guys discuss talk about misinterpreting the "Truth About Cats and Dogs," Christopher McQuarrie's wicked laugh at Henry Cavill's mustache, whether Bryan Fuller will have a career anymore, who is sexier or the better actress: Dakota Johnson or Charisma Carpenter, hummingbird phalluses, the object permanence of masturbation, and what Elizabeth Perkins would do with a thirteen-year-old in a kaiju-sized Tom Hanks.

Available on iTunes.

Episode 203 includes:

-Uma Thurman comes clean on her conflicts with Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino.

-The team behind "Game of Thrones" is tapped to write and produce new "Star Wars" films, which means finally we get Luke and Leia together.

-"Fifty Shades Freed" is another bad, unsexy movie in a bad, unsexy trilogy of bad, unsexy movies.

-Ben says the Christian-oriented animated film "The Star" is sacrilegious and he's an atheist.

-The sudden "Cloverfield Paradox" might be the worst Cloverfield movie and with the least Cloverfield in it.

-This Week's Pitch -- Cloverfield Universe Movies!

-Ben pitches different movies that could be told within the larger Cloverfield cinematic universe.

-This Week's Game -- Cloverfield It!

-The guys randomly select movie titles and try and adapt them into Cloverfield movies, much like producers have been doing for years with unrelated scripts.

Direct download: pitch_203.mp3
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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have returned from another writing project and celebrating their elders. In honor of "Mom and Dad" the guys are pitching movies related to parental relationships. The guys discuss a new breakthrough in porn, whether "Call Me By Your Name" and "Duke Kukem" need sequels, the amazing first movie to play in Saudi Arabia in 35 years, the unsung excellence of Hong Chau, the history of National Lampoon and where their film brand went, and spending eternity with your in-laws and extended family

Available on iTunes.

Episode 202 includes:

-Ben introduces the newest stupefying breakthrough in pornography that will terrify actresses for ages.

-Aziz Ansari is not the same as Harvey Weinstein. Repeat.

-Oscar nominations have been released and hooray for weird movies getting some recognition. The guys run through the major categories and surprises and snubs.

-"Phantom Thread" is a return to form enough for PTA.

-Ben and Nate have wildly different opinions on the wild new movie, "Mom and Dad."

-This Week's Pitch -- Parents!

-Nate pitches Satanic parents waiting for their child to reach a certain age before sacrificing.

-Ben pitches sequels to "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and "Little Nicky", alien step-parents, zombie grandparents, a ghostly possessed mother-in-law, and a revenge sequel to "The Joy Luck Club."

Direct download: pitch_202.mp3
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