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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are continuing their jaunt through the most awesome decade pf film, the 1990s, and in this episode they're exmaining two movies from 1993, the animated class that introduced Miyazaki to millions of Americans, "My Neighbor Totoro," and the reviled slasher movie "Jason Goes to Hell."

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Episode 396 includes:

-Jonathan Majors officially a convicted abuser and now officially fired by Marvel as well. 

-Does anyone care about a "Bevery Hills Cop 4"?

-The critical appeal and "camp value" of Netflix's "May December" is lost on Nate. 

-Ben champions the derided disney movie "Wish" and questions why we needed a "Wonka" prequel.

-By the Decade -- 1993 - "My Neighbor Totoro" / "Jason Goes to Hell"

-The guys discuss why Miyazaki's enchanting animated adevnture still works so well channeling a childlike perspective and a sense of wonder, and then, surprise, come to defend the artistic swings of "Jason Goes to Hell" that had the Friday the 13th fanbse in an uproar. They're wrong, this maligned movie is better. 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are carrying on through the 1990s examining one year every episode, and this time it's the movies of 1992, with the guys watching Robert Altman's Hollywood satire and career comeback "The Player" and then a schlocky Full Moon Pictures horror movie Ben has always wanted to watch, "Seedpeople."

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Episode 395 includes:

-R.I.P. Normal Lear, Andre Braugher, but definitely not Henry Kissinger

-"Beau is Afraid" sure is... soemthing, and "Saltburn" leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 

-Behold the tansphobic travesty that is The Daily Wire's sports "comedy" called "Lady Ballers."

-By the Decade -- 1992 -- "Seedpeople" / "The Player"

-The guys work through their disappointment with both movies, discussing why "Seedpeople" grows tiresome despite some killer creature design, and why the comedy of "The Player" might be too droll or inside-baseball to really land as comedy in our modern day and age. 

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A special new podcast subset featuring Nate and his father. "My Dad & the Movies" is a monthly series where Nate and his father, George, discuss a movie of his father's choice, maybe a favorite or a formative work that made him the cinephile he is, and father and son can talk about their shared love of the movies. It's season two and the tenth episode is looking at our first Best Picture winning selection, 2018's road trip buddy film and controversial expose on the evils of racism and segregation, "Green Book."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are digging their trip back to the films of the 1990s, and this episode they move forward to the year 1991 and discuss two wildly different movies about city dwellers with fantasy elements, from HBO's noir-but-with-fantasy made-for-TV movie, "Cast a Deadly Spell," and then the Oscar-winning comebac for director Terry Gilliam, the quirky buddy film that's also about grief and guilt and maybe the Holy Grail, "The Fisher King."

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Episode 394 inclues:

-Ben Shapiro's company is making an anti-trans sports comedy called "Lady Ballers." Deep sigh. 

-Nate celebrates the new holiday crowd-pleaser "The Holdovers."

-Ben says "The Creator" is three different kind of intersting movies trapped in one film. 

-By the Decade -- 1991 -- "Cast a Deadly Spell" / "The Fisher King"

-The guys discuss what makes "Cast a Deadly Spell" work as well as underutilize more of its fantasy elements to serve its noir elelments, but most of the discussions is reserved for analyzing "The Fisher King" and how many of these intriguing film elelments were begging for a slightly different development. 

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