Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are reconsidering whether or not it's actually worth it to ever watch another Woody Allen movie, especially after they talk about the painful experience that is 1993's light-hearted "Manhattan Murder Mystery. They also discuss Christopher Nolan's "Insomnia" remake from 2002, a much much better movie experience.

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Episode 355 includes:

-R.I.P. Anne Heche and director Wolfgang Peterson.

-"Secret Headquarters" makes "We Can Be Heroes" look better.

-"Bullet Train" is a movie that knows exactly what it wants.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Manhattan Murder Mystery" / "Insomnia"

-The guys discuss Woody Allen's "quirky" mystery and their general distaste for the man and his sense of comedy, and then praise the 2002 Christopher Nolan "Insomnia" thriller as an example of what Hollywood filmmaking can be with the right people and vision. After, they pitch a project combining both elements that will be better than "Manhattan Murder Mystery" for sure.

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A special new podcast subset featuring Nate and his father. "My Dad & the Movies" is a ten-part series where Nate and his father, George, discuss a movie of his father's choice, maybe a favorite or a formative work that made him the cinephile he is, and father and son can talk about their shared love of the movies. Next is the three-hour adaptation of Stephen King's popular series, 1999's "The Green Mile."

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are ready to leap into the jungle with 1984's hit "Romancing the Stone," a movie that spawned its own rom-com subgenre, and then the little remembered 2009 film "Inkheart," starring Brendan Frasier and Paul Bettany, about a family with the power to open portals in and out of literature.

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Episode 354 includes:

-R.I.P. Bernard Cribbins, Donna Noble's grandfather on "Doctor Who."

-Does the ongoing chaos in project cancelation at Warner Bros Discovery make it more or less likely Ezra Miller's "Flash" get yanked?

-"Prey" is a high-quality Predator prequel that packs a punch.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Romancing the Stone" / "Inkheart"

-The guys discuss the 1984 rom-com adventure by director Robert Zemeckis that isn't quite as it's remembered and then 2009's fantasy adventure "Inkheart" which fails from a lack of imagination for its imagination. The guys then combine both movies into a new project they pitch on the spot.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once again delving into the hallowed film career of Orson Welles, Ben's "favorite director," and looking at another well-regarded classic, the last of his career in the Hollywood system, 1958's border thriller "Touch of Evil," and then they also discuss a 2017 unknown action thriller with Dave Bautista about America under assault from within by reactionary white supremacist forces (timely!).

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Episode 353 includes:

-Lots of Marvel Comicon news! Also, DC might be melting down... again!

-R.I.P. Paul Sorvino, David Warner, and Nichelle Nichols.

-"Nope" is a pretty solid "yep"

-Netflix's $200-million "The Gray Man" is a dispiriting and bland action movie.

Switch the Pitch -- "Bushwick" / "Touch of Evil"

-The guys discuss the all-in-one-take urban warfare movie "Bushwick" starring Dave Bautista and Orson Welles' 1958 B-movie classic "Touch of Evil" with Charlton Heston as a Mexican-American and Janet Leigh in motel rooms being harassed yet again. After, the guys combine both movies into a new project and pitch it live.

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