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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking the week off after having competed in the Columbus 48-hour film festival, a regional competition where applicants write, direct, shoot and edit a short film in a 48-hour window given certain particulars and a randomly selected genre. The boys are tapped out, but they'll discuss the process and results in next week's news segment. Stay tuned and we suggest giving the previous podcast a listen or two in the meantime.

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This week the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" welcome another guest, Drew, who's more than ready to get his hands dirty with this show of shows. The gang attempts to come up with the most offensive pitches possible, so you know this podcast is going to be a memorable one as well as a disturbing look into the dark reaches of the human mind. Along the way the guys talk about LARP-ing, the matronly wisdom of the Madea movies, the continuation of the East Coast/West Coast rap fued with Tupcac's hologram, the literal title demands for "the Dark Knight Rises," what accent Tom Hardy is going for as Bat villain Bane, the instinct within all orphans, and the long odds of putting a bunch of coats on a bunch of orphans.

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Episode 17 includes:

-Drew explains about tabletop games including... Panty Explosion. This exists!

-Drew makes the deciding vote over who wins from last week's battle over "Donnie Darko."

-The guys discuss their mixed feelings over "The Dark Knight Rises" in spoiler-free form.

-Ben admits that "The Avengers" is at least a movie, something he cannot say about "Twilight."

-This Week's Pitch -- Most Offensive Pitch!

-The guys all take turns pitching what may be the most offesnive pitch properties imaginable. You'll have to listen for all the dirty details.

-This Week's Game -- Disney-fy It!

-And then the guys take one of those offensive pitches and give it the Disney treatment.

-Ben finally comes forward with three movies he liked from 2012 thus far.

          And make sure to check out Drew's blog and storytelling expertise for hire.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" welcome another guest star, favorite fan e-mailer, Megan, who complained about Eric's pan of "Donnie Darko" and threatened to do very bad things to him with a "rusty saw blade." She made a special trip to inflict maximum justice on Eric. Together, the gang pitch darker adaptations and interpretations of nursery rhyme and fairy tale stories, and then Eric and Megan finally put to rest whether "Donnie Darko" sucks or rules. They'd like to also apologize for the crinkling sound. Also during the conversation, they talk about whether Olivia Wilde was alive in the late 80s, whether Captain Planet and Gaia ever got it on, Mark Wahlberg's comedic range, examples of modern-day feminism, the eternal lonliness of Team Ben, whether horses should be tasked with repairing dead people, the Madea challenge, and how the fate of the world rests with a very sensitive part of Eric.

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Episode 16 includes:

-The guys welcome special guest and famous listener e-mailer/threatener of Eric, Megan!

-When it comes to "Capt. Planet," is the Heart kid the weak link or a potential world-domination player? If only he'd use his crummy powers on people instead of monkeys.

-Team Ben: an island of lonely sadness?

-Nate says "Ted" is exactly what he expected from a big screen Seth MacFaralne film: suck

-This Week's Pitch -- Fairy Tale Adaptation!

-Nate pitches a "Citizen Kane"-style expose on depressed record exec, Humpty Dumpty.

-Eric adapts a short story that his 7th grade teacher called "too dark."

-Megan pitches a Cinderella with intense foot pain and deals with the Devil.

-Ben pitches a monster-of-the-week TV series about a team of supernatural mercenaries.

-This Week's Game -- Court of Public Opinion!

-In a new game, Eric and Megan debate the merits of "Donnie Darko" and cross-examine one another.

-The guys need YOU to vote and say which side you found more persuasive. We'll have the results next week.

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Oooo folks, it got all kinds of serious on the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" podcast this week. Ben and Nate duke it out over their differing opinions on the summer blockbuster "The Amazing Spdier-Man" and Eric tries to play referee. This contentious debate lasts so long that the guys had to scrap the game this week. After the air clears, the guys reboot previous pitches from the show. Along the way the conversation drifts to the sexual performance aid of the podcast, morning news DJs covering serious news events, whether good mothers should know the extent of their children's genitalia, the Ernest franchise, the preciptious danger Christmas always seems to finds itself in, but mostly it's all about "Spider-Man."

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Episode 15 includes:

-Once again Funny or Die.com rips off one of the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" board game pitches.

-Eric and Nate greatly recommend checking out quirky indie romance "Safety Not Guaranteed"

-"The Amazing Spider-Man": Too much same-ness? Closer to the comic? Reboot? Enjoy.

-This Week's Pitch -- Pitch Redemption!

-The gang reboots one of their earlier pitches with a new/better one.

-Nate pitches a superhero movie for the forgotten classic character, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy!

-Eric pitches a grown-up version of the cartoon "Doug."

-Ben pitches a zombie-apocalypse aftermath drama series. How do you move on after dismembering your friends and neighbors?

-This Week's Game -- None!

-They literally spend so long debating "Amazing Spider-Man" that the game had to be scrapped this week. Stay tuned next week for a possible guest star.

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It's the moment the world has been waiting for. Internet celebrity and show mascot Chris Holben joins the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" as a very special guest star. The guys talk about 2012 in movies since they've reached the halfway mark, and then the guys adapt video games into movies and then adapt difficult properties into video games. Along the way, with the aid of Chris Holben, the guys find conversations about Chris Holben masks, how ice skating sexual intercourse is the manliest thing possible, wondering when "Oriental" became kinda racist, "Cop Out" vs. "The Other Guys," Chris Holben's refusal to let his sister come onto the podcast, "Brave"s uniboob maid character, how everyone invariably tries to build a phallus in "Minecraft," Ben's little-seen but still existing moral center, the "Fox News" game and its xenophobia and rage bars, bullet-reflecting muscles, and seeing how the sausage gets made.

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Episode 14 includes:

-Chris Holben details how his life has changed forever since being mentioned on the podcast, including exclusive details on "Chris Holbern 2."

-Chris Holben has some very choice words for Ben over Ms. Jennifer Lawrence.

-The guys each give their 3 best movies of 2012 and the worst so far.

-Ben says "Brave" is the second-worst Pixar movie; why must feisty heroines be so vague and nonspecific when dealing with witches?

-This Week's Pitch -- Video Games!

-Chris Holben pitches a "Minecraft" movie along the lines of "Inception"

-Nate brings "Minesweeper" to life in the vein of "The Hurt Locker"

-Eric pitches the hottest new medical drama -- "Dr. Mario."

-Ben offers "Sonic the Hedgehog" as a Corey Haim/Corey Feldman vehicle and "Pac Man" as an existential fantasy/horror movie.

-This Week's Game -- Adapt the Unadaptable!

-The gang has to take a property not likely to be a video game and make it so.

-Nate pitches a "Hoarders" game and details his dislike for "Family Guy"'s sense of comedy with his game that is interuppted by nonstop nonsensical cut scenes.

-"The Expendables: The Game:" Now you can download every crummy action star from the 80s!

-Ben makes "The Truman Show" into a "Sims" stye game, then turns the old Rankin Bass toons

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