Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" welcome another guest star, favorite fan e-mailer, Megan, who complained about Eric's pan of "Donnie Darko" and threatened to do very bad things to him with a "rusty saw blade." She made a special trip to inflict maximum justice on Eric. Together, the gang pitch darker adaptations and interpretations of nursery rhyme and fairy tale stories, and then Eric and Megan finally put to rest whether "Donnie Darko" sucks or rules. They'd like to also apologize for the crinkling sound. Also during the conversation, they talk about whether Olivia Wilde was alive in the late 80s, whether Captain Planet and Gaia ever got it on, Mark Wahlberg's comedic range, examples of modern-day feminism, the eternal lonliness of Team Ben, whether horses should be tasked with repairing dead people, the Madea challenge, and how the fate of the world rests with a very sensitive part of Eric.

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Episode 16 includes:

-The guys welcome special guest and famous listener e-mailer/threatener of Eric, Megan!

-When it comes to "Capt. Planet," is the Heart kid the weak link or a potential world-domination player? If only he'd use his crummy powers on people instead of monkeys.

-Team Ben: an island of lonely sadness?

-Nate says "Ted" is exactly what he expected from a big screen Seth MacFaralne film: suck

-This Week's Pitch -- Fairy Tale Adaptation!

-Nate pitches a "Citizen Kane"-style expose on depressed record exec, Humpty Dumpty.

-Eric adapts a short story that his 7th grade teacher called "too dark."

-Megan pitches a Cinderella with intense foot pain and deals with the Devil.

-Ben pitches a monster-of-the-week TV series about a team of supernatural mercenaries.

-This Week's Game -- Court of Public Opinion!

-In a new game, Eric and Megan debate the merits of "Donnie Darko" and cross-examine one another.

-The guys need YOU to vote and say which side you found more persuasive. We'll have the results next week.

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