Dirty Sons of Pitches

This week on the Dirty Sons Of Pitches, we grapple with the incredibly important news of Idris Elba's giant penis. Also Robin Williams is dead. We discuss the man's life and work and somehow avoid accussing a victim of suicide of being selfish or cowardly (its easier than you might think, Internet douchebags). Along the way we talk Intergalactic movies in honor of a big movie from a couple weeks ago, and play an all new This Meets That. 

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Episode 91 includes:

-A whole new metric for judging movies, based on the work of Pauly Shore and David Lynch.

-Other stuff probably.

This Week's Pitch – Movies Set In Other Galaxies/On Other Planets

-Nate pitches a movie based on relativity and Ben ruins it with a Deep Space Nine reference, then Nate redeems himself with a movie set on a world of garbage. 

-Ben pitches, like a crap load of movies, with dinosaurs, deluded probes, and aurora borealas.

This Week's Game – This Meets That!

-Ben has a packet full of movies in lieu of a hat, and with it we get the broken Vegas life of the Little Mermaid, gun toting Willam Defore Jesus, and the most useless prognosticator ever. 

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This week, we kinda forgot to come up with a pitch, so we watched Sharknado 2 instead. Before we get to our thoughts on the latest Asylum classic, we talk about the other movies we saw this week, including the latest Marvel effort Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Luc Besson's Lucy, and the sex comedy with lots of sex and very little comedy Sex Tape. After that, we get right into a conflict over whether Sharknado 2 is one of the most enjoyable movies of the year, or completely devoid of any enjoyment whatsoever. 

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