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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are down another month and there's enough room for a special presentation of "Saturday Night Jive," the podcast from George and Ben where they chat about the history of SNL and movies starring alums, and this one's a doozy. The meme-before-there-were-memes 2006 movie, "Snakes on a Plane." 

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have stumbled upon another movie so mad and crazy that it almost deserves to be seen, unless you care about your mental well-being. Thank goodness there's these guys, as they discuss 2002's "comedy" by writer/director/star Jeff Daniels, "Super Sucker," as well as the slightly memorable 1986 killer robot in a mall slasher movie, "Chopping Mall." The guys then combine both properties to pitch a brand-new project about dueling killer robot salesman.

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Episode 327 includes:

-New Spider-Man trailer with more multi-verse action. But is added Spider-Men of Spider past an emotional incentive?

-Nate runs through.... a lot of movies to cover, from "Spencer" to "No Time to Die" to "Venom" to "Eternals" to "tick, tick, BOOM" to "King Richard" and more.

-"Ghostbusters: Afterlife" is a perfectly heart-felt sequel and the haters have it wrong.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Chopping Mall" / "Super Sucker"

-The guys discuss the 1986 sci-fi slasher film about a killer mall secruity droid killing dumb teenagers and 2002's truly bizarre passion project by Jeff Daniels who served as writer, director, producer, and star as a vacuum salesman who discovers they also work as a masturbatory aid.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are going into the 8-bit realm to pitch and cast a "Punch Out" movie based upon combining key elements of 1990's "Dick Tracy," a truly weird movie, and 2004's celebrated "Million Dollar Baby" which won a slew of Oscars.

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Episode 326 includes:

-Paul Rudd: People's Sexiest Man Alive.

-R.I.P. Dean Stockwell. You're with Ziggy now, pal.

-You will believe that Tom Hanks can build a robot to save a dog... in "Finch."

-So is "Eternals" the worst MCU movie as they say?

-Switch the Pitch -- "Dick Tracy" / "Million Dollar Baby"

-The guys discuss Warren Beatty's deeply weird, deeply faithful comic adaptation and the Oscar-winning Clint Eastwood boxing drama and then combine them to form a "Punch Out" movie based upon the classic NES game.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are voicing their frustration with our current state of affairs by pitching "Anti-Vax," built from watching 2013's "Bounty Killer," a low-budget post-apocalyptic Western, and 2016's "Pandemic," an indie found footage zombie movie that just might surprise you with its ingenuity.

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Episode 325 includes:

-Ben, sadly, catches up on his missed opportunity to quote more from Mr. Skin's skin-crawling writing.

-Tarantino to sell "Pulp Fiction" deleted scenes as NFTs... what?

-Can "Morbius" look any worse with every new trailer?

-"The French Dispatch" is more of the same Wes Anderson, perhaps even more esoteric.

-"Last Night in Soho" could have used more nights to better establish its plot and rules.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Bounty Killer" / "Pandemic"

-Two lesser-seen genre movies, one that tries too hard to be trashy exploitation fare and the other that is a surprisingly adept found footage zombie thriller. The guys then combine the elements into a brand-new pitc about hunting down anti-vaxxers in a post-apocalypse brought about from a pandemic.

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The "Dirty Soms of Pitches" are back from filming their 48 Hour film short, which you can see here, and again watching lesser-watched movies to try and make a new project based upon their key elements. The guys tackle 1971's anti-Western Western, "A Gunfight," that looks at the human affect of a shootout, and 2011's "Carnage," based on a stage play, about two sets of parents coming into conflict because of their kids' conflict.

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Episode 324 includes:

-More on the Dave Chappelle controversy with his trans blind spot and determination to ruin his career.

-Alec Baldwin fires a prop gun on set and kills the movie's director of photography. How could something like this happen?

-Trailer reactions to "Uncharted" and "Lightyear."

-"Halloween Kills" is a boring slasher movie with nothing new. EVIL DIES TONIGHT.

-Ben weighs the pros of a big, faithful adaptation of one of his favorite sci-fi books... with the nature of "Dune" also being a Denis Villenueve film.

-Switch the Pitch -- "A Gunfight" / "Carnage"

-The guys discuss Roman Polanski's very play-like 2011 tale of feuding adults descending into children and the 1971 Western starring Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash that is 98 percent lead-up to the shootout, and then the guys pitch a movie combining elements from both.

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