Dirty Sons of Pitches

A special new podcast subset featuring Nate and his father. "My Dad & the Movies" is a monthly series where Nate and his father, George, discuss a movie of his father's choice, maybe a favorite or a formative work that made him the cinephile he is, and father and son can talk about their shared love of the movies. It's season two and the eighth episode looks at the Coen Brothers Oscar-winning crime masterpiece, "Fargo."

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In between the next "Dirty Sons of Pitches" recording, enjoy an episode of Ben's other podcast with his brother Geroge, the "Saturday Night Live"-related podcast that finds the weird and awful movies of those from America's preeminant late-night skecth comedy series. This time they tackle the 1994 unspervised kids camp comedy, "Campy Nowhere," ith Christopher Lloyd as the lone adult keeping up the good times charade. There actually is a theme bar somewhere in America devoted to nostalgically recall this strange and uncomfortable kids movie that doesn't seem made for kids.

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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are working their way toward the end of the 1970s decade, two films at a time, and it turns out 1977 might be the best one yet with a lesser-known cult comedy from the likes of many Monty Pythom alums, "Jabberwocky," and recently deceased director William Firedkin's epic men on a mission thriller about transporting nitro through the jungle with "Sorceror."

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Episode 390 includes:

-Movies pushed back! Dead Bob Barker and Jimmy Buffet! Danny Masterson sentenced to 30 years! More Godzilla in multiple formats! 

-Ben has broken his strike-prohibition and seen "Blue Beetle" and has some thoughts. 

-Ben's trek back to the films of 2011 yeilds mixed results with "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and the DC animated "Batman Year One."

-By the Decade -- 1977 -- "Jabberwocky" / "Sorcerer"

-The guys discuss the scatershot, Pyton-adjacent medieval comedy from director Terry Gilliam, "Jabberwocky," a mildly interesting preivew of the director's filmmaking to come, and they sing the praises of William Friedkin's balls-to-the-wall action adventure jurney of the soul into hell, the intense "Sorcerer."

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