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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" welcome their second female guest to the podcast -- Sarah (I suppose third if you count Ben's mother).This week, in honor of Oz, it's all about fantasy pitches, and the theme even extends into this week's game as the gang recasts the "Wizard of Oz" trilogy. Along the way they tlak about things such as the mechanics of mating with giants, the illogical nature of a government combatting overcrowding with a 12-hour free-for-all period of lawlessness, whether "Jack the Giant Slayer" stole from the MIB cartoon, Jason Bateman's status as a quality comic actor, Michael J. Fox's TV sitcom names, the flaws in the gameplay of Chaka and the Forever Man, and the taint-quality of Kevin James.

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Episode 40 includes:

-What would you do with a 12-hour window of lawlessness? Ben's answer may surprise you and... not surprise you but depress you all the same.

-We predict everyone in America will be working on simultaneous heists.

-"Amour": the love story of the year that will make you wish for death.

-"Oz the Great and Powerful": too much CGI, too much Franco, and yet not enough Zach Braff?

-This Week's Pitch -- Fantasy film!

-Ben pitches a "Full Metal Jacket"-style bootcamp for dragon warriors.

-Nate pitches a super wizard savior switched at birth tale, a fantasy "Puddin'head Wilson," if you will.

-Eric pitches a wannabe sword fighter who has to battle Lancelot for the fate of mankind.

-This Week's Game -- Re-Cast It!

-The gang recasts "The Wizard of Oz," "Return to Oz" and "Oz the Great and Powerful" as contemporary films.

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