Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pictures" have one more podcast to gift this holiday season to close out 2021. They are set to discuss more many more movies, plus the highly anticipated "Matrix" sequel/reboot, and end on discussing 2005's stop-motion animated "Corpse Bride" and 1999's Disney channel original sci-fi kids movie, "Can of Worms."

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Episode 331 includes:

-No news! Straight to the movies!

-"Don't Look Up" is a scathing satire that's meant to make you uncomfortable.

-"Titane" is a weird French movie that's not weird enough, and "Petite Maman" is a delightful French drama.

-We would have been better off with nothing rather than "The Matrix Resurrections."

-Switch the Pitch -- "Corpse Bride" / "Can of Worms"

-The guys discuss the 2005 Tim Burton animated musical and where it doesn't quite measure up, especially its ending, and then the 1999 Disney Channel original movie that Ben declared his favorite growing up, about a young boy who unexpectedly becomes a fascination for many different aliens. Then the guys pitch an original movie combining elements from both.

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