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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" took extra time to deliver an extra helping of their podcast right before a holiday known for people gorging themselves. The gents are sharing another pairing of Movies That Made Us, films that had a formative impact on who they are, and this family edition looks at movies that their dads still guilt them over having seen in the theater for their children. For Ben it's the 1997 Power Rangers movie "Turbo," and for Nate it's the 1990 sequel "The Never Ending Story Part II." Both sequels, both bad, and both dads are right to continue holding this over their sons' heads.

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Episode 284 includes:

-Disney is trying to rewrite copyright law... again.

-"Wonder Woman 1984" coming to you on streaming now and theaters if you'd prefer COVID.

-"Christmas musical Jingle Jangle" confounds Ben.

-"Run" is a lean, mean thriller but not much more.

-The Movies That Made Us -- Films Our Dads Still Guilt Us Over!

-Ben discusses the woeful Power Rangers big screen sequel/reboot "Turbo" and has no fun whatsoever.

-Nate shares the 1990 sequel to the classic "Never Ending Story" that is quite far from classic.

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