Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are revving up their engines in preparation for the next "Fast and Furious" entry by pitching car chase stories. If Hollywood loves itself a movie brokered around car chases, well here's the next hot would-be franchises. The guys also discuss the various world of YA novels-turns-movies and go over the pros and cons of each realm from a cost-of-living standpoint. 

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Episode 107 includes:

-The guys address the people from the future who have a very specific prediliction.

-Batman cover art: should the artist every censor art from outside pressure? Can you see this cover and not understand the offense?

-Ben champions "Z Nation" over "The Walking Dead."

-"Run All Night" is another decent Liam Neeson movie where he runs around with a gun and barks at people.

-This Week's Pitch -- Car Chase Movies!

-Ben pitches an escapaed prisoner story where rich elites bet on their prisoner, a supernatural car chase, and a road rage virus that forces others to hunt one another to the death.

-Nate pitches a closing of the borders in wake of a plague, so a family must race across the country to escape the closing quarantine.

-Bonus Discussion: YA Post-Apocalyptic Worlds!

-Ben and Nate talk about the worlds of YA staples like "Hunger Games," "Divergent," "Maze Runner," and others and discuss which world they would rather live in if they had to make a choice.

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