Dirty Sons of Pitches

It's a monstrously large edition of the "Dirty Sons of Pitches." Sadly without 1/3 of our crew (we miss you Eric), the guys gain two favorite guest stars -- Drew and George. Together the guys tackle the classic Universal monsters like Dracula and the Wolfman, they pitch new properties based on these classic character, and then finish up with a game of What That Is? Along the way the guys chat about other strange topics like Liam Neeson's daughter being taken by wolves, the music potential of "Monster Mass" parody, George's harried relationship with Weird Al, the evil Mr. Ed encouraging people to kill, the lack of good comic timing with porn stars, Googling "Phister", reanimated Jerry Orbach as the spokesman for monsters, why werewolves should just get a calendar, the first acts of President Frankenstein's Monster, being haunted by a dead person's feet, and a man who would urinate golden kidney stones.

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Episode 26 includes:

-Drew challenges everyone to a table-top game and divulges a movie he's seen besides "Rango."

-"Jack or Jill": you HAVE to have sex with one of them? Choose your fate!

-Why have vampires gotten so popular lately? Is "Twilight" to blame?

-So... is it Frankenstein or Frankenstein's monster?

-This Week's Pitch -- Classic Monsters!

-Nate pitches "The Creature From the Blacker Lagoon" as a modern parable on race.

-George pitches a version of "Being There" starring Frankenstein's monster.

-Drew pitches a cyberpunk future version of the Phantom of the Opera.

-Ben pitches a monster all-star team, a Jekyl and Hyde TV show, and a monster support group.

-This Week's Game -- What That Is?

-"Dead Man's Shoes" (2004): The horrifying sequel to the sad cancer song "Christmas Shoes"?

-"Chasing the Kidney Stone" (1996): One nefarious grandfather's scheme to shrink his family members and insert them into his urethra?

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