Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have scraped all the alien goo they can off the bottom of their shoes to discuss the hot mess that is Sony's "Venom," a Spider-Man villain without Spider-Man in a world possibly unrelated to the MCU. Ben and Nate try and make sense of this senseless movie and while Nate finds the occasional item to enjoy Ben is adamant about the overall terribleness. The guys break down the film, its awful and on-the-nose post-credit scene, Tom Hardy's acting, the number system when it comes to human body secretions, and then in a crossover with Ben's solo podcast "Head Cannon," the guys pitch out the extended cinematic universe for "Venom" across ten different mediums including sequel, prequel, spin-off, cross-over, video game, and porn parody. 

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