Dirty Sons of Pitches

In honor of the Oscar ceremony, the "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are mixing things up. They get into an extended discussion over their predictions for the top awards, then discuss movies they have seen this week, ending on their pitches, which are the ultimate Oscar bait movie. Along the way the guys get tangled up talking about John McCain thinking he's John McClane, the exact equation it would take to turn hentai into Oscar bait, the artistic resonance of the HJ in "Hyde Park on Hudson" vs. the HJ in "The Master," the darkness of the Focker Wilderness, the flat food diet, what happens when you have the oldest and youngest Oscar nominees fight, the cruelty of lying to Helen Keller about time machines, and the awesome fact that Daniel-Day Lewis can do anything.

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Episode 39 includes:

-Bonus Discussion -- Oscar Predictions!

-The guys go through 10 categories and discuss whom they think will get the shiny statues. Waltz vs. Jones, Lawrence vs. Riva, "Brave" vs. good taste; they got it all covered and then some.

-They discover the true versatility of Daniel-Day Lewis in action. You'll never look at a wad of tissues the same way.

-"Beautiful Creatures": What's worse? Jeremy Irons' southern accent or a plot that arbitrarily denies women being able to choose for themselves?

-Ben defends "It's Pat: the Movie" then dishes about his newest fan, Julia Sweeney herself.

-Ben comes clean on his own manic pixie girl dream -- Emma Watson.

-This Week's Pitch -- Ultimate Oscar Pitches!

-Ben pitches "The Sadness Gang," a team-up of unfortunate little girls who know a thing or two about being sad.

-Nate pitches a Forrest Gump prequel about Forrest's father, the unknown key to WWII victory.

-Eric pitches an uplifting sports film around Colts coach Chuck Pagano -- "Chuck Strong."

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