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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are preparing for Christmas by pitching Biblical movies. After all they did pitch pagan god-related projects, so now it's Christianity's turn in the spotlight. Tis the season for a holiday edition of This Meets That as the game this week. Happy holidays everyone, and be good to one another.

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Episode 67 includes:

-So what's the deal with this "Duck Dynasty" first ammendment controversy that everyone can't stop talking about in the media? What do the ducks think?

-If you're a fan of "Anchorman" then you'll pretty much enjoy "Anchorman 2."

-Ben wishes "Don Jon" was a long-awaited sequel to "Angels in the Outfield."

-"American Hustle" is David O. Russell with a Scorsese filter. Enjoy the copious amount of Amy Adams side boob.

-The guys all talk about Spike Jonze's "Her" and agree it's one of the best films of 2013.

-This Week's Pitch -- Biblical Movies!

-Ben pitches a satire where a pregnant teen falsey claims to have been the recpient of an "immaculate conception" to avoid upsetting her religious parents.

-Eric pitches Jesus making a surprise appeareance at a political convention that assume his positions on the issues of the day.

-Nate pitches a retelling of Sampson and Delilah looking at things from her point of view as well as an actual examination on Sodom and Gomorrah and what really brought about its smiting (hint: nothing to do with the gays).

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That - Holiday Edition!

-The guys play a game combining two random movie titles into a new property, plus giving them a dash of holiday cheer.

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