Dirty Sons of Pitches

In honor of the new Batman/Superman news fresh from Comicon, the "Dirty Sons of Pitches"are crossing over different characters and properties. They pitch crossover movies and then play another round of one of their newer games, Versus, pitting similar characters or agencies against one another. Along the way they talk about a classic Robert Loggia TV advertisement, the appeal of Cinemax in the 90s, our choices for a possible Batman, the sin of gluten, the unintelligible nature of Jeff Bridges' speaking voice, the prevalence of deer breaking and entering according to "Grown Ups 2," Ben's hatred of Ryan Gosling's non-acting, the alarming penetrability of Japan's bullet trains, the Pixar Universe theory combining all the studio's movies into one timeline, angels vs. aliens, and a Hugh Jackman-off.

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Episode 55 includes:

-Kevin Smith comes out of retirement for the weirdest project you can imagine.

-Batman vs. Superman in 2015? After "Man of Steel," do we still have hope?

-"R.I.P.D." is D.O.A. when it comes to entertainment.

-Enjoy the insightful metaphor of a deer peeing in Adam Sandler's face in "Grown Ups 2."

-"The Wolverine" is perfectly adequate, which means it could have been much worse.

-This Week's Pitch -- Crossovers!

-Eric pitches the solution to Detroit's woes: Axel Foley and his new partner, Robocop.

-Ben pitches an all-Rock affair, Avengers vs. Uma Thurman's Avengers, and how "Cool World" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" represent heaven and hell.

-Nate pitches the Halloween creatures from "Nightmare Before Christmas" working with the monsters of "Monsters Inc."

-This Week's Game -- Versus!

-The guys pit Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern vs. Deadpool, the R.I.P.D. vs. the M.I.B., and Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing vs. The Wolverine.

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