Dirty Sons of Pitches

"The Dirty Sons of Pitches" are messin' with all sorts of spoilers with this episode, looking back on the best and worst twist endings in film history. They pitch famous movies if their famous twists happened in the middle, then play another game of This Meets That. Along the way the guys chat about why the Vatican needs two kinds of smoke, Madea Goes to Space, Ernest's potential involvement in "Star Wars," a version of "Maximum Overdrive" where the know-it-all Amish are our only hope, zombie street cred, inappropriate genres for twist endings, the Orphan girl's other potential moneymaking options, Jabb's Hut's sale on metal bikinis, why Mr. Glass desperately needs henchmen, and the true depth the Tim Daly conspiracy gpes to (hint: you're in on it too).

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Episode 38 includes:

-Madea the Pope? Laugh now but soon you will come to see our way.

-"Rust and Bone": When Marion Cotillard nudity just isn't enough.

-What is the best "Die Hard" sequel? We can at least all agree it ain't "Die Hard 2"

-The guys spoil like 30 movies as they discuss classic good and bad twist endings and what makes the difference. Beware.

-This Week's Pitch -- Twist-Middles!

-Eric pitches a revamp of "The Empire Strikes Back."

-Nate pitches revamps for "Fight Club" and "The Usual Suspects."

-Ben pitches revamps for "Saw" and "Basic."

-This Week's Game --This Meets That!

-They replay another batch of wild combinations of two different movie properties.

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