Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back and will explain their absence from the week prior, and it is movie-related. This week the guys pitch biopics they'll never see, either because the person is unworthy or has no audience for it. Afterwards they play a new game hwere they have to randomly draw two movie titles and pitch a thematic combination. Along the way they also talk about...

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Epsiode 37 includes:

-Nate and Eric explain their "Groundhog Day" escpades and how Nate almost got kicked out.

-Ben waxes philosophical about his self-imposed Madea Challenge, watching all Tyler Perry/Madea movies, and how he has lost even more faith in God.

-Why is "Argo" really cleaning up the awards season at this point? We have theories. 

-Eric and Nate call "Warm Bodies" a cute zombie film; Ben introduces you to your next great cult movie, "The ABC's of Death"

-This Week's Pitch -- Unworthy or Unlikely Biopics!

-Eric pitches a biopic of Frank Stallone starring... Sylvester Stallone.

-Nate pitches biopics for Jonas Salk's lesser known brother and a portrait of a great man of courage... who just happened to be fighting for something very wrong.

-Ben pitches biopics on the Singing Nun, little supernatural con artists, and a fartiste, a man with a supernatural ability to control his own... farts.

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That!

-It's another new game, this time pulling two movie titles randomly from a hat and combining them thematically as a group pitch.

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