Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are here to discuss two crime movies, one set in the future and starring will Smith hunting robots (2004's "I, Robot") and one where Ray Liotta is trying to determine whether his assistant DA murdered a man and possible whether she's not actually black or something (2005's "Slow Burn"). Truly, this one is a bizarre movie with head-scratching decisions the guys try and unpack, and then they combine both into a new project, which they did previously as a short script they wrote, but now it's a game attempt to expand it into a potential feature.

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Episode 342 includes:

-More fallout from Oscar Slapgate 2022.

-Ezra Miller running quickly... out of excuses for his bad behavior and may be booted as The Flash.

-"Judd Apatow's The Bubble" could have been much funnier, but perhaps it's got enough gags to last.

-Here's a shocking surprise: Ben does not hate the next Sony Spider-Man on-its-own film, "Morbius."

-Switch the Pitch -- "I, Robot" / "Slow Burn"

-The guys re-examine the 2004 Will Smith robot action thriller and find it to be underrated, and they try valiantly to make sense of a very confused "erotic thriller" from 2005, "Slow Burn," that was filmed in 2003, and somehow becomes a story of Rachel Dolezar meets Keyser Soze?

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