Dirty Sons of Pitches

They've gone and done it. The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are giving noted filmmaker Brian DePalma a final chance to impress them, so each of the guys has selected a DePalma film to review and ask, once and for all, is it time to put the nails in the coffin when it comes to ever watching more DePalma movies?

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Episode 340 includes:

-Ms. Marvel trailer! Mike Myers is back at comedy!

-"Drive My Car" is too meandering for its own good.

-The guys have different takes on Pixar's "Turning Red"

-Nail in the Coffin -- Brian DePalma

-The guys discuss at length two DePalma thrillers, 1980's "Dressed to Kill" and 1992's "Raising Cain," and they go over their many problems with DePalma as a storyteller and filmmaker as he keeps going back to the Hitchcock "Psycho" well again and again.

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