Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have over a dozen movies to talk about this edition, some of them from 2019 playing catch-up, both good and bad, and several new year releases, mostly bad. However, the guys are shocked to discover that "Doolittle" is not the disaster it's billed. With no time for a pitch or a game this edition, the guys spend their time discussing the recent Oscar nominees and speeding through all the films seen.

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Episode 254 includes:

Oscar nominations! Ben and Nate run down the nominees in major categories along with their thoughts and predictions.

-Ya'll see that Morbius trailer? Uh huh.

-Nate talks about possibly one of the worst movies of 2019, the exploitation-heavy "She's Just a Shadow."

-Two January surprises: both "Underwater" and the much-maligned "Doolittle" are surprisingly enjoyable.

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