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Welcome back special guest Chris Holben to the "Dirty Sons of Pitches"and he comes out fighting, taking the minority opinion of the group when it comes to the time travel thriller, "Looper." In honor of that film, the guys pitch sci-fi crime movies and then play a game of Recast It where they take the premise of "Looper" (young and old versions of a character) and try it with different races and genders. Along the way they chat about relations between your present self and your opposite gender future self, the satirical nature of Judge Dredd and what Paul Thomas Anderson's take would be on it, the limitations of the Kansas City mob, "Star Wars: SVU," why you shouldn't strike deals with dragons without a lawyer present, the eventual death of ole' Hook Hands, the nebulous nature of the M in MILF, and Ben's likeness to Indonesian strongman Suharto.

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Episode 24 includes:

-Nate wants to know why the protagonisst in "Taken 2" aren't cited as terrorists.

-Eric and Nate agree that "The Master" is masterfully boring.

-The great "Looper" debate: why is the future mob so low in ambition? Spoilers follow.

-Emily Blunt sure knows her way around an axe, if you know what I mean.

-Find out what the code "watching the Buckeyes" means.... and taste the mystery.

-This Week's Pitch -- Sci-fi Crime Movie!

-Chris Holben pitches a "Star Wars" bounty hunter movie.

-Eric pitches a film with a little of everything: steam punk, dragons, and sticking it to the South.

-Nate pitches a world where the rich can afford clones to take their place for executions (i.e. probably just four years from now).

-Ben pitches a clone heist, time travel gangs, and alien encounters with some frisky E.T.s.

-This Week's Game -- Recast It!

-The guys recast "Looper" with different types of actors in the young/old characters.

-Everyone tries casting their 30-year older versions of themselves.

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