Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are back to play catch-up after a slew of personal and professional events that have held up recording new episodes. Because of this they are postponing the pitch segment and talking about a number of movies they've recently seen since last recording. The bonus discussion continues for the best of the worst of TV's "Criminal Minds," this time with an ending that you'll never see coming because why would you?

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Episode 121 includes:

-The guys explain their delay including the awards reaped for their short film and the start of another.

-Nate crows about the cartel suspense thriller "Sicario."

-Ben wonders about what strange messages are afloat in "Hotel Transylvania 2."

-"The Martian" is everything Ben was hoping for from "Gravity" (prepare for old "Gravity" gripes relived).

-This Week's Pitch -- None!

-Bonus Discussion: Best/Worst of "Criminal Minds"!

-It's called "The Lesson" and you may never look at dwarves the same way. Or creepy marionette puppeteers. But mostly dwarves.

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