Dirty Sons of Pitches

Now that they've got another ten podcasts in the can, it's time for another "Dirty Sons of Pitches" commentary for a movie you can watch via Netflix instant streaming. It's the lovely story of a band of crazy summer camp kids and their felonious and near-murderous assault on a lowly janitor. Some may say his eventual bloody payback is entirely justifiable, but that's what happens when you live in a realm of moral relativism. Plus you can see younger versions of Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter (if you can find her) before they were stars. Plus a guy from 'Law and Order."

The guys talk about the Glazer family sleeve empire, the academic merits of Peep University, how to find Camp Circle Jerk on a map, the inherent untrustworthiness of canoes, a self-help book for the horribly burned and vengeful, sports coats vs. blades and lasers, how all modern filmmakers have ripped off "The Burning," the possibility of a nipple-motivated killer, and the fact that the Weinstein brothers and Brad Grey are actually responsible for this mediocre genre exercise.

Listen away! Also available on iTunes!

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