Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are once again boldly going into the darkest regions of space and the human imagination, as the guys revisit the more horrifying and weird episodes of various "Star Trek" TV series as inspiration for a similar-themed writing project about Lovecraftian horrors being discovered through space.

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Episode 358 includes:

-D23 news! Marvel stuff!

-Nate says "Fall" is a solid B-movie with some nifty aerial views.

-Ben cannot stand the new live-action "Pinocchio."

-Star Trek-ifying -- "Genesis" / "Hard Time"

-The guys discuss Ben's favorite "Next Generation" episode growing up, "Genesis," where the crew transforms into different monsters, and then a standout "Deep Space Nine" episode, "Hard Time," in an effort to inspire their creative brainstorming for the sci-fi/horror TV project they are developing through the podcast.

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