Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are having a lengthy discussion over the appeal and nature of the "Star Trek" film canon, about David O. Russell's Me Too status, about popcorn ads, and about combining two films into a brand new creative project for this week's Switch the Pitch. Also, they discuss their old monthly sketch comedy show in 2007 when they were unknowingly the front for a local religious cult. Click here to watch the comedy sketches (and not religious cult propoagands, we promise).

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Episode 350 includes:

-Are the Skinny Pop ads just a little bit... overdoing it?

-Trailer reactions for "The Woman King," "Amsterdam," and Kevin Smith's "Clerks III."

-"Men" is all about... well... men.

-Ben has seen the "Minions" and... did not hate it or himself.

-Switch the Pitch -- "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" / "From Beyond"

-The guys pitch a TV series combining elements from the first, very leisurely paced foray into film for the "Star Trek" franchise as well as the Lovecraftian horror movie "From Beyond."

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