Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are yet again combining two movies into a brand-new pitch, this time with 2003's big broad successful comedy "Bruce Almighty" with the moribund 1934 "Death Takes a Holiday," which was the inspiration for 1998's "Meet Joe Black," a movie not discussed on this week's podcast.

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Episode 321 includes:

-Is Shang-Chi a secret menanist?

-Ben begins another front in his war of words against Martin Scorsese, this time with director Denis Villeneuve.

-Netflix documentary "Misha and the Wolves" is a survival story that's too good to be true and that's also the point.

-"Candyman" could have been a great horror movie, or message movie, but it kind of suffers from both.

-The guys talk about M. Night Shyamalan's very odd and very head-shaking thriller, "Old."

-Switch the Pitch -- "Bruce Almighty" / "Death Takes a Holiday"

-The 2003 Jim Carrey mass appeal comedy where a man is given the powers of God gets to be combined with the 1934 comedy/romance/drama "Death Takes a Holiday" where the Grim Reaper takes a brief vacation to live life as a human. One of these is less boring, guess which one?

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