Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are putting together another directorial double feature, this time looking at the films of Brian DePalma. The guys check out 1987's gangster classic "The Untouchables," and then for their cult movie of the week, they watch DePalma's 1993 reunion with his "Scarface" star Al Pacino, this time in "Carlito's Way," a suggestion from a fan. After these two movies, Ben and Nate both come to the conclusion that they don't know if DePalma is even a good filmmaker.

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Episode 272 includes:

-Does Brian DePalma just suck as a filmmaker?

-R.I.P. Kelly Preston, Naya Rivera, and Grant Imahara.

-The action is actually the least interesting part of Netflix's action movie, "The Old Guard."

-"Palm Springs" is a time loop delight.

-Classic Film -- "The Untouchables" (1987)

-DePalma's pulpy showdown between G-men and gangsters in Prohibition era Chicago.

-Cult Film -- "Carlito's Way" (1993)

-Al Pacino plays a Puerto Rican (?) criminal trying to get out of "the life" but can't help but find trouble. Also, Sean Penn's slimy lawyer character is totally Alan Dershowitz.

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