Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are performing another directorial double feature for their look at classic and cult movies, this time with the recently deceased Joel Schumacher. They watch the classic 1978 musical "The Wiz" and also the newly cultish 1993 thriller, "Falling Down," which has grown in popularity with alt-right factions on the Internet. The guys analyze both and the racial lens each proffers and whether they deserve their acclaim.

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Episode 271 includes:

-Is it possible there is still even MORE to debate about "Justice League" and the elusive Snyder cut?

-Margot Robbie as a swashbuckling pirate? Sign me up.

-"Hamilton" comes to Disney+ and it's just as wonderful as you'd expect it to be.

-Classic Movie -- "The Wiz" (1978)

-One of Ben's favorite films is a magical musical that improves upon its source material with many toe-tapping tracks, but is it problematic coming from two white guys channeling their appraisal of black culture?

-Cult Movie -- "Falling Down" (1993)

-Michael Douglas as an antihero vigilante fighting back against an uncaring world, or is he simply the world's biggest 'Karen" whining about his entitlement?

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