Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are keeping their social distancing but joining forces through Skype to record together. It's the first time they've recorded together since watching "A Serbian Film" and much has changed. They review recent movies and then discuss a film classic ("Barry Lyndon") they had not previously watched as well as a cult film of renown ("Society"). 

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Episode 259 includes:

-The guys respond to a new COVID-19 world and its impact on culture and politics.

-Ben reviews "The Hunt," "Swallow," and "The Room."

-Nate reviews "The Boy II," "Bloodshot," and "I Still Believe."

-Classic Movie -- "Barry Lyndon" (1975)

-The guys discuss Stanley Kubrick's three-hour costume drama and its artistry, length, purpose, tone, and lasting effect.

-Cult Movie -- "Society" (1989)

-Ever wondered what the elite do in the privacy of their rich houses? If you guessed "dissolve into a slimy flesh orgy of body horror" then congrats.

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