Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting spooky in preparation for this Hallow's Eve and watching the new remake "Halloween" which takes place 40 years after the original. It's intended to skip the other sequels and so the guys pitch other new editions that pretend the earlier sequels never existed. They also play another round of America's favorite game, So Shalit Be. Along the way learn all about the imprisonment of Fan Bingbing, Ben's pending litigation, a sad state of affairs for Kurt Russell, and a lot about horror franchises from the 80s and 90s.

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Episode 22 includes:

-China releases a popular movie star from house arrest and the DCU welcomes James Gunn to their party.

-Producer Jason Blum says there aren't women interested in making horror movies. About that...

-"First Man" is mostly boring and "Bad Times at the El Ray" is thrilling. They're both 141 minutes long. Choose wisely.

-Nate saw the latest (not) midnight movie from (not) cult filmmaker, Neil Breen.

-The new "Halloween" is one half not so great and one half kinda great. It's confusing.

-This Week's Pitch -- Sequel Skips!

-The guys come up with pitches for new editions of famous sci-fi and horror franchises that forget the earlier sequels.

-This Week's Game -- So Shalit Be!

-Another episode of new film titles are given the Gene Shalit treatment for pun-heavy reviews and an increasingly depraved sense of Shalit.

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