Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting a bit longer in the next few weeks as they experiment in their presentation. They're experimenting with an unedited recording, so the running time is going to balloon a bit. With that extra time, the guys run through a lot of recent news involving superhero films, pitch post-apocalyptic young adult stories, and then the game this week is Disney-fying some of the most famous post-apocalyptic films.

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Epsiode 65 includes:

-We talk about our experiment in being raw for the next few weeks. Enjoy the sudden appearance of lots of "umm"s.

-Superhero news explosion: Wonder Woman cast into "Batman vs. Superman" a.k.a. "Justice League: Backdoor Pilot."

-Ben thinks "Violet & Daisy" is like a Tarantino/Wes Anderson turducken. Just imagine that.

-Nate says "All is Lost" is like The Old Man and the Sea without the fish, and it's just as boring.

-"Frozen" may be the best Disney animated film since the 1990s. It's that good, and it's finally a female friendly message.

-This Week's Pitch -- Dystopias with Kid POV!

-Ben pitches a world where parents upload themselves into the bodies/minds of their children once they reach maturity. That's right, you will become your mother.

-Eric pitches a world where children are custom designed, but when you need more "blonde hair/blue eyes" they have to cull the genes from the poor.

-Nate pitches a world of overpopulation where second children are hunted down.

-This Week's Game -- Disney-fy It!

-The guys Disney-fy post-apocalyptic films like "Soylent Green," "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome," and "The Hunger Games."

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