Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are getting a jump on Presidents Day and pitching movies and other properties revolving around real-life or fictional presidents. Then they play their game of Vanity Project to develop and spitball a biopic for the current commander in chief, Barack Obama. Along the way they talk about topics like the sexiness of certain numbers, cake vs. pie, the short-lived Tom Arnold Apology Tour, straying from the facts with true stories, the ridiculous twist ending of "Safe Haven," the reality of an Oprah sex scene somewhere on the cutting room floor, the better lodging in heaven for people who are more liked, the Marilyn Monroebot, Ben's mother's experience on a political focus group during the 2008 election, the fallacy of electing candidates who promise to make government worse, the rule that ALL Canadians get free Timbits at any Tim Horton's, a mini-series on presidential losers, and the collective ignorance over currently working black directors.

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Episode 57 includes:

-Eric has finally watched his Netflix Steaming Streaming challenge punishment -- "Autumn in New York." Coming up next: Tom Arnold.

-Ben tears apart "Elysium" as well as the notion of President Hobo.

-"Kick-Ass 2" deserves so much more of Jim Carrey. "Hell Baby" has extensive nude scenes and baby punching, so, just right.

-Ben and Nate deabte whether "Lee Dainels' The Butler" is a bad biopic or a subversive anti-biopic.

-This Week's Pitch -- Presidential movies!

-Nate pitches a Roosevelt corssover and a group of juvenile delinquents vs. killer animatronic presidents. 

-Eric pitches... Kid President! So, how mnay other people died in the line of succession? And "The Grey" but with Teddy Roosevelt and big sticks.

-Ben pitches Nixon as a secret woman, a president kidnapped and replaced by a doppleganger, and a film all about one climactic presidential debate.

-This Week's Game -- Vanity Project!

-The guys try and think out different film narratives and biopic casting for our 44th president, Barack Obama. They even have fun thinking of the "crazy fringe" version of the man's life.

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