Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have two guests, Drew and Liz, and together they all try and come up with the cheesiest, silliest, awesom-est Sci-Fi Channle Original movies. They then play another game of This Meets That. Along the way the group talks about other strange topics like Drew's grandmother-esque satisfaction that people are "getting work," the difficulty of killing people with emblems, more equaling more than none, the prospect that for $5K Bruce Campbell will do anything, Ben's disappointment over Chloe Grace Moretz's legal status, the difference between a Mega Bear and a Super Bear, the logistics of attaching eight squids together a.k.a. Octo-Squid, the Anti-Monster Defamation League, Renee Zellweger playing a shark, Stoneado, a 4th of July-themed movie with haunted fireworks from the ghostly ashes of those British loyalists burned at the stake post-Revolution, Liz's fascination with weather born from STDs, Corey Hart vs. vampires, and what Liz will do for a good piece of steak.

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Episode 49 includes:

-The guys discuss the movies they're most looking forward to this summer (hint: not "Hangover 3").

-Eric talks about the pet drama "Haichi," a movie that will make you smash your TV in tears.

-Ben shares his new favorite movie of all time -- "Manborg"!

-"Star Trek Into Darkness": In summary... KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

-This Week's Pitch -- Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie!

-Eric pitches a super bear brawl and a classic Universal monsters MMA bout.

-Liz pitches the adventures of Thunder Shark and his... sonic hearing.

-Ben pitches the epic showdown: Zoo Storm vs. Laser Quake! Just when you thought you were safe...

-Nate pitches a weather-related disaster about a tornado that plows through a series of Port-a-Potties. Guess what it's called.

-Drew pitches aliens fighting direwolves.

-This Week's Game -- This Meets That!

-The gang plays another round of combining two random movies into a viable pitch.
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