Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are taking well-known movie worlds and expanding them, just like your minds. After a roundup of comic book movie franchise news, and a discussion over recent releases "The Campaign" and "The Bourne Legacy," the focus is on continuing a franchise with a new lead character. No game this week but instead is a continued discussion over movie sequels the gents felt were better than the original. Along the way they talk about strange topics such as split loyalties between America and a feral animal known for the University of Michigan, a complete misreading of the film "Brazil," the improbability of North Korea invading the U.S., Ben's non-ironic defense of Aquaman, the weird Nazi doctor pressence in "Baby Geniuses 2," Superman as potential date rapist and American hobo, the true nature of death panels and their relevance to "Saw 6," and Paul Verhoeven's negotiations over the plurality of women's breasts.

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-Episode 19 includes:

-Corrections: Sinbad is cancer-free and now fair game for mockery.

-"Red Dawn" not just a jingoistic fantasy, now with extra racism!

-Superhero news roundup and what happens when giant space clouds get it ON!

-Nate complains he only got 2/3 of a movie with "The Bourne Legacy"

-This Week's Pitch -- Franchise Continuation!

-Eric pitches a "Back to the Future" film from the point of view of one family subjugated to time fluctuations by the finicky Marty McFly.

-Nate pitches a new "Baby Geniuses" movie with plans to kill all the baby geniuses.

-Ben has several pitches extending the worlds of "Pleasantville," "Fight Club," and "Highlander."

-Bonus Discussion -- Superior Sequels

-The gang share sequels they feel are better than the original film, including "Halloween III," "Saw 6," "Aladdin: Return of the Jafar," and "Evil Dead II"

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