Dirty Sons of Pitches

The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" are gonna go back in time. This may prove to be our geekiest podcast yet, that is, until the next week. We talk all about the fanboy hatred over the "Star Wars" prequels and George Lucas. Ben defends the man, Eric bemoans the changes, and Nate attempts to play referee. In the middle of this, the boys engage in a conversation over who claims ownership over art -- the artist or the community? From there, they continue their nerdgasm by pitching time travel movies, Ben defending the "Matrix" sequels, and getitng caught up in subjects such as Jewish vampire hunters, the "Eight is Enough" killer, whether Ewoks are just as bad as Jar Jar Binks, Nate's disdain for thinking yourself into the past a.k.a. "Somewhere in Time," horses in cheerleading outfits, and our combined appreciation of "Can't Hardly Wait."

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Episode 7 includes:

-A brief discussion on the usefulness of holiday-themed weaponry against vampires (Kwanza?)

-Nate shares why "The Raven" sucks but commends the motives for the film's serial killer

-An epic geek-off between Ben and Eric over the "Star Wars" prequels and George Lucas' tinkering; our most heated debate yet, you can feel the spittle

-This Week's Pitch -- Time Travel!

-Eric's bizarre pitch must be heard to be believed

-Nate pitches a time-travel screwball romance

-Ben also pitches a time-travel romance, and then comments about going back in time to impregnate your grandmother... so... personal growth?

-This Week's Game -- Defend Yourself!

-Ben defends the "Matrix" sequels

-Nate defends "Bring it On"

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