Dirty Sons of Pitches

The Dirty Sons of Pitches are back (Now with descriptions and everything!). They've recuperated from a mutual illness that was in no way instigated by any sexually transmitted shenanigans, and this week they're talking movies based on toys, some potentially disastrous Star Wars news (they hired the Looper guy), admitting to childhood plagarism, and probably other stuff that would require me to re-listen to more of the episode to adequately tease.

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Episode 88 includes:

-Tracy Morgan Update!: Still Not Dead

-Ben and Nate both enjoy 22 Jump Street, and believe it or not, Ben is perhaps a more enthusiastic fan.

-Nate tries to justify the schmaltzy manipulative tripe that is The Fault In Our Stars. Ben is not convinced. Then he gets all rapey with Maleficent (and no, I will not provide context for that).

-Ben reports back on a slew of movies including The Other Woman, Under The Skin, and Transformers, and remarkably finds the Michael Bay movie to be the best one.

-This Week's Pitch – Movies Based On Toys!

-Ben pitches a Six Million Dollar Man toy movie, then throws out some 90's nostalgia talkin' Sky Dancers, Gator Golf, and Monsters In My Pocket.

-Nate pitches a Board Game movie based on Hungry Hungry Hippos (way to retread, like, episode five Nate), and then suggests the government's bargain basement solution to a post-Transformers world.

-This Week's Game – This Meets That!


-The guys kind of waited till the last minute to do the game this week, but still pull it out by literally pulling some movies out of a hat. It starts a little slow, but you get what you pay for.  

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