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The "Dirty Sons of Pitches" have a busy podcast this week. They run through the top Oscar categories and predict the big winners, cover a bunch of movies, pitch disaster movies in honor of the big-budget volcano epic "Pompeii," and then play part one of the ongoing game, Fantasy Movie Mogul. The guys draft their team of movies to follow through the year, jostling for the top spot when it comes to combined box-office gross.

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Epsiode 75 includes:

-The guys predict the major categories for this year's Oscar ceremony. Any upsets?

-Eric thinks "RoboCop" is an average action flick that suffers in comparison.

-Ben has a slew of little seen horror films to check out on VOD.

-In his quest to watch every Uwe Boll film, Nate may have found a decent one, and on Netflix.

-Nate almost recommends "Winter's Tale" just for how powerfully insane it is. Come for the magic flying horse and stick around for Will Smith as the Devil. You read that right.

-This Week's Pitch -- Disaster Movies!

-Ben pitches a 9/11 film looking at the lives of those who try to survive inside the Trade Center.

-Nate pitches a horrifying account of the Triangle Factory fire in 1911 that killed 146 people, which led to legislation for new safety standards for workers.

-Eric pitches a modern-day Noah and a heist set against the backdrop of a hurricane.

-This Week's Game -- Fantasy Movie Mogul!

-The guys play the first part of their fantasy box-office game, each drafting ten films to track their profits throughout the year. You can play too at the blog for the game.

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